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It’s traditional for those celebrating their 10th anniversary to give their partner a gift involving tin or aluminum. And while sleek metals do play a part in many of the brand’s products, modern lifestyle gear designers Nomad has opted to give you the gift of overall savings with 30 percent off its entire site in celebration of its 10th anniversary.

Nomad first entered the phone accessories scene in 2012 with the ChargeCard, a charger the size of a credit card for iPhone 5. You simply had to find a USB port and plug in the compact charger to get juice on-the-go. Although it seems like a silly idea now—there are USB ports lining bar counters and built into nightstands—it was a bit revolutionary in the post-aughts, with the burgeoning company raising more than $150,000 on Kickstarter to bring the charger to life.

Nomad has continued to keep up with technology trends and now sells MagSafe accessories for iPhone, including one of our favorite charging docks, the Base One Max, on sale for $104.95.



The Base One Max provides up to 15W of fast-charging speed—provided you have a 30W charging brick—to power your post-iPhone 8 model iPhone, AirPods, or Series 4, 5, 6, or 7 Apple Watch at the same time. It also can charge any Qi wireless charging-compatible devices. The iPhone-certified MagSafe platform is made of metal and glass and features a soft-touch, anti-slip rubber base for peace of mind against accidental slips. Those who love haptics and tactility will enjoy the satisfying “thunk” that happens when your iPhone 12 or 13 snaps into place to charge. To quote ourselves, “it looks and feels more like a centerpiece rather than just another accessory.” If MagSafe charging isn’t your jam, we’re partial to Nomad’s AirTag accessories and leather Modern Band for the Apple Watch. 

The sale excludes Paperlike, OrbitKey, Chipolo, Popl, and Moment products featured on the site. If you want genuine Nomad Goods, however, don’t put off your journey to celebratory savings—this deal ends July 15.