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Summer is here; for many homeowners, it’s time to focus on lawn maintenance. But who wants to spend a couple of hours with an analog push mower or take the time to build a shed to house a ride-on model? Greenworks’ electric push lawn mower, which is $70 cheaper than normal on Amazon right now, will help you cut your grass quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on summer fun instead.

Greenworks 40V 17″ (2-In-1) Push Lawn Mower, $227 (Was $299.99)



One of the downsides of traditionally powered lawnmowers is that they run on gas, which means keeping an eye on the fuel tank or running the risk of it conking out halfway through the job. Greeenworks’ push mower is electric, and it runs on a removable battery, which you can bring inside to charge. The company says the mower can run up to 45 minutes per charge, which is enough time to get a mid-sized lawn tidied up. If you have a larger lawn, consider picking up a second battery.

A big advantage of choosing a push mower over a ride-on model is the space savings. Greenworks’ push mower is 52 inches deep by 19.2 inches wide by 41 inches high and weighs roughly 41 pounds, and its handle is both foldable and adjustable to five different heights. If you have a spare corner in your garage, you’ll have enough room to store it properly. Cutting the grass will always be an annoying summer chore, but Greenworks’ 40V 17″ (2-In-1) Push Lawn Mower will expedite the task so you can focus on having fun while the weather’s nice.

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