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It’s hot outside in just about every sense of the word. Sweltering, sweaty, records-breaking, dangerously hot. It’s tough on humans, but it’s also hard on our favorite furry pals. But that doesn’t mean they want to stay inside all day. Right now, Amazon has this super-popular dog pool on sale for just $28. That’s a 30 percent discount when compared to its normal $40 price. Plus, it ships for free if you have Amazon Prime. Grab one of these pools. Then pour a drink, call your pooch, and float in a cool pool of water until mosquitos drain you of all your blood.

Jecoo Dog Pool for Large Dogs 63″x12″ $28 (Was $40)



Even the cheapest and most basic above-ground pool meant for humans requires an annoying amount of prep and setup. This pool, however, makes it very simple. Unfold the ultra-tough PVC pool and simply fill it with the hose. The sides have stiff panels that keep it upright and won’t get completely destroyed if your dog scratches at them. It’s just 12-inches deep, so you can lounge to get covered by water, but even small breed dogs can play without having to paddle their little hearts out.

Once you’re done chilling in the pool, drain the water through the simple spout. The whole thing folds up nice and flat so that you can stick it on a shelf in the shed in-between uses rather than leaving it on the yard and murdering a big, ugly circle of grass in your lawn.

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