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A quality caffeinated beverage can really change the tone of your mornings, and Amazon is currently offering 20% discounts on Breville’s high-end Barista-series espresso machines. The entire line offers stainless steel construction and everything you need to make an espresso better than the one you’d pay $6 for at the local coffee shop. They grind, brew, and even steam milk, so you don’t need extra devices to fuel your morning routine. None of these devices are cheap, but with the price of commercial coffee shops climbing constantly, it could pay for itself in just a couple of months. It all depends on how dependent you are on those morning shots.

Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine $599 (Was $749)



This is the cheapest model in the lineup, but it still offers everything you need for a luxurious espresso. It features large buttons for operation, a manual dial to control the grind, and an analog dial to keep tabs on the pressure. According to Breville, it takes less than a minute from grinding the beans until you’re ready to drink your espresso. More like express-O, you know what I’m saying? (Sorry.)

Breville Barista Touch Espresso Machine $879 (Was $1,099)



This is the big dog in the Breville Barista pack. If espresso machines were the Muppets, this would be Kermit. It replaces some analog controls with a handy full-color touchscreen display you can use to choose your favorite drinks. It makes flat whites, lattes, Americanos, and a host of other delicious drinks with names that sound like paint colors you might choose for your understated dining room. It heats up in just four seconds and handles every step of the coffee creation process. Plus, it looks extremely classy.

Here are the rest of the Breville Barista-series espresso machines that are currently on sale:

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