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Few things provide the same kind of catharsis found when smashing through a wall or laying waste to some damaged cabinets. While the research is still out on whether or not smashing stuff really provides any clinically therapeutic effect, it’s an undeniable blast.

If you want to maximize your destruction, you’re going to need the right tools. This collection of implements is ready to inflict damage as swiftly and brutally as possible. But, it’s not all about smash-and-bash. The right demo tools allow for precision because swinging a sledgehammer through a water pipe or guiding a reciprocating saw through an electrical cable will end the fun in a hurry.

So, next time you need to tear apart a room (or many rooms), reach for these tools. Not only will they inflict punishment on whatever you need to demo, but they’ll protect your body along the way. Just be sure to bring your own safety goggles.

DeWalt Rip Claw Hammer

The 1-pound head on DeWalt’s Rip Claw Hammer offers two ways to yank nails: a large claw for fasteners you have room to grab straight-on and a small notch on the side to reach ones in tight spaces. DeWalt

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Fiskar Pro IsoCore Wrecking Bar

Fiskar’s Pro IsoCore Wrecking Bar is a 30-inch Swiss Army knife of destruction. When a regular ol’ crowbar won’t do, clamp its 2-inch claw around a recalcitrant board to wrench it loose. Fiskar

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Stanley Super Wonder Bar

Cram the 15-inch Stanley Super Wonder Bar behind a piece of trim and yank it down. A bend in the handle provides move leverage than a typical straight tool, which makes ripping less of a hassle. Stanley

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Honey Badger Demo Fork

Push its sloped tines under stubborn tiles or flooring, and the 56-inch Honey Badger Demo Fork’s coated steel will tear them up in a hurry, no backbreaking bending or hunching required Honey Badger

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Milwaukee M18 Fuel Super Sawzall

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Super Sawzall’s blade moves back and forth 1.25 inches with each stroke, an extra-long travel that quickly chews through screws and studs. Going at 3,000 slices a second helps too. Milwaukee

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Hilti’s TE 500 SDS MAX Demolition Hammer

Despite its relatively small 10-pound body, Hilti’s TE 500 SDS MAX Demolition Hammer wields the crushing power of models twice its size. A superefficient motor lets it pound concrete up to 3,228 times a minute. HIlti

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Wilton Bash Sledges

Instead of wood or plastic, the handles on Wilton’s Bash Sledges are reinforced with steel. The metal extends into the up-to-20-pound heads, which prevents the business ends from breaking free. Wilton

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