Kitables DIY USB Portable Charger Kit
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My job is to find cool stuff. Throughout the week I spend hours scouring the web for things that are useful or fun or ridiculously cheap. Often times, these choices coalesce into a guide of like items—for example, the ultimate guide to making cafe-style coffee in your own home or 19 things that make traveling less stressful. But I often stumble across some pretty awesome gear that doesn’t really fit into a list. So I made a list for those.

Bath Bomb Kit with Metal Molds

Urban Kangaroo Amazon

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If you want to make your own bath bombs—but don’t want don’t want to buy all the ingredients separately—this kit from Urban Kangaroo comes with everything you’ll need to make over 15 fizzy, scented bath bombs. The kit comes with essential oil blends—lavender and vanilla, bergamot and grapefruit, and eucalyptus and spearmint—as well as the molds and locally-sourced ingredients. $40.

DIY Digital Camera Kit

Elenco Amazon

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The Bigshot point-and-shoot digital camera kit comes with a booklet that teaches key concepts like image processing, optics, and electrical components. The camera includes a three-megapixel image sensor, 1.4-inch LCD, and a wheel on the front that lets you switch between three lens types (standard, panoramic, and 3D). Once finished, upload your photos to your computer via a USB cable. The lithium-ion battery is crank-operated. $50.

DIY Clock Kit

WHDTS Amazon

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The clock you make with this kit has a four-digit LED display, and comes with a transparent case so you can see all of the components once it’s been built. The project will get you practicing soldering and circuitry. And, yes, the clock has an alarm. $9.

USB Portable Charger Kit

Kitables Amazon

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The Kitables charger kit does not come with a soldering iron or hot glue gun—both of which are needed—but does include a laser-cut wood box, a rechargeable lithium battery, a micro USB charging module, an on/off switch, and all the requisite wires. The device takes two hours to reach a full charge and will provide two or three hours of charge time for your phone. There’s also a solar charger kit! $29.

Craft Crush Felt Succulents

Ann Williams Group Amazon

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For those who have managed to kill succulents (despite all claims that they’re difficult to mistreat), there are fake blooms. These felt succulents won’t die on you, and they look—frankly—adorable. Use the included chalk pieces to add some flair and character to your new houseplants. $19.

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