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Now you can supercharge your home


Bosch Power-Ready Wireless-Charging System

You’ve invested in solar panels to harvest energy from the sun, but without daisy-chaining an array of car batteries, you’ve got no way to store it. With the Powerwall, Tesla used its expertise manufacturing lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles to provide a sleek alternative. The 210-pound wall-mounted battery can store surplus energy from solar panels. But it can also automatically bank electricity from the grid during off-peak times, when rates are lowest. That way you can power your home—or charge your Model S—for pennies even when electricity is in highest demand. The company makes a 7 kWh battery for daily use, and a 10 kWh version that can double as a backup generator. From $3,000

An Alternative-Energy Powerhouse


Windstream Technology Solar Mill: An Alternative-Energy Powerhouse

With limited roof space, it’s often not possible for do-good homeowners to harness both solar and wind power. WindStream solved that problem by creating a hybrid system. A trio of corkscrew-shaped vertical-axis turbines turn below a photovoltaic panel, saving space. The system can generate 13 percent more energy than solar alone. $3,125

Tools Leading A Wireless Revolution


Bosch Power-Ready Wireless-Charging System: Tools Leading A Wireless Revolution

With its inductive-charging system, Bosch has made charging power tools effortless. Simply set the tool on its dock, and—voilà!—the electromagnetic field replenishes the battery. A full charge takes 50 minutes, but you may never need that: The batteries are lithium-ion, so you can top them off as you go. $200

A Bulb That Gets To Know You


Stack Downlight: A Bulb That Gets To Know You

What if your lights could understand their surroundings? Stack added occupancy- and ambient-light sensors to its LED Downlight bulbs. The result is a lightbulb with smarts: It can turn off when you leave a room and recognize when it’s morning in order to wake you up. To protect you, the system can even mimic your lighting habits when you’re away on vacation. Don’t like the schedule? You can custom-program it yourself with a companion app. $150 (for a starter pack of two bulbs and a hub; $60 for each additional bulb); ships in December.

The Ultimate Clean Machine


Dyson Humidifier: The Ultimate Clean Machine

Humidifiers can often be breeding grounds for bacteria. But that doesn’t mean humans have to live with bone-dry air. Dyson’s new humidifier zaps bacteria with ultraviolet light, killing 99.9 percent. It also uses the same “air-multiplier” technology as the company’s fans, to ensure thorough room coverage. It’s the first humidifier to earn an asthma and allergy-friendly certification from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. $500

First Wearable Multitool


Leatherman Tread: First Wearable Multitool

After Leatherman’s president, Ben Rivera, got stopped at security at Disneyland for carrying a multitool, he decided to create one that you’d never need to leave at home—or even in a toolbox. Tread’s wearable design features 29 handy tools, such as Allen wrenches, screwdrivers, and a bottle opener. From $165

Never Change Your Oil Again


Briggs & Stratton EXi Series Engine: Never Change Your Oil Again

Manufacturers recommend you change your lawn mower’s engine oil every 25 hours of use. To eliminate that messy hassle, Briggs & Stratton built its new EXi Series Engine. The engine is designed to run cooler because oil breaks down more slowly at low temperatures. (It also features an improved air-filtration system to run cleaner.) Rather than change the oil, just top off periodically to maintain proper levels. In a year, you’ll end up using 73 percent less oil.

React Like A First Responder


Channellock Rescue Tool: React Like A First Responder

Police officers and firefighters aren’t the only ones who have to grapple with emergencies. So why shouldn’t homeowners use the same multitool they do when confronted with a storm or fire? The Rescue Tool combines five tools, including a spanner wrench to tighten and loosen hose couplings, a prying tip that can help jimmy open a stuck window, and cutting edges that can snip wire. $50

A Hybrid For Your Hamper


Whirlpool HybridCare Heat-Pump Dryer: A Hybrid For Your Hamper

The average clothes dryer can consume as much energy per year as a refrigerator. To balance the scales, Whirlpool built a ventless heat-pump model. Instead of releasing hot, moist air, the HybridCare condenses the water internally. The dry air is then recirculated—reducing energy costs by 40 percent over standard dryers. $1,799

A Level That Won’t Give In To Pressure


DeWalt Carbon-Fiber Composite Level: A Level That Won’t Give In To Pressure

Lightweight levels are typically made of aluminum. But over time—or with rough use—the material can deform and lose accuracy. That’s why DeWalt built a level from a carbon-fiber composite. It’s 35 percent lighter than aluminum counterparts and can absorb major impacts so it stays true to form. $100