How is it that refill canisters for air horns costs four times as much as butane canisters? Ariel was not happy with the added expense and took matters into his own hands creating a butane horn with flames. While this is not his first butane hack, he has stepped into a larger world of noisy flame throwers. And if you think this duct-taped flaming air horn is a little shady, check out some of my other favorite flaming noise projects.

Check out Lucy Hosking’s pulse jet organ, “Satan’s Calliope.” A wireless, midi-controlled organ mounted onto a Harley Davidson golf cart. I’ve had the (dis)pleasure of hearing it several times at Burningman and Makerfaire ’06. A lovely ensemble consisting of:

  • 17 pulse jets
  • 14 truck horns
  • 14 organ pipes

Fire Horn

And then there’s David Silverman’s “Flaming Tuba.” David is best known as an animator for The Simpsons. The video is a entertaining cover of Britney Spears’ “Oops! … I Did It Again.”

Fire Horn