Sudoku-solving Lego robot: a homegrown toy with smarts

Watch this lil' 'bot solve a number puzzle.
A sudoku-solving robot made out of Legos working on a puzzle.
The sudoku-solving Lego 'bot hard at work.

Here’s a short list of things this robot can do that I can’t: Write legibly. Solve a beginner sudoku puzzle in less than 10 minutes.

Swedish hacker Hans Anderson built this robot around the Lego Mindstorms System, which he’s also used to make the Tilted Twister Rubik’s Cube solver.

The ‘bot first scans the board, and runs the data gathered through an a series of image-processing algorithms. After it’s solved the puzzle, its motor guides it to fill out the solution by hand.

Too bad he’s a little hefty for me to carry on the morning commute.

[Hack A Day via Gizmodo]