Tablets and smartphones are great for a lot of reasons—portability and versatility, to name a few—but typing on a touchscreen isn’t ideal if you’re trying to get actual work done. Bluetooth keyboards are a simple piece that let you easily edit documents or compose long emails on your phone or tablet. Here are a few great options for portable keyboards.

Folds down to about the size of an iPhone. Amazon

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When folded, this keyboard is slightly larger than an iPhone X, but it expands to 10.3 inches, roughly the same size as the keyboard on a Macbook Air 13. Unlike other models, this design doesn’t leave a gap where the device folds, so it’s one continuous keyboard with no breaks. The iClever works with all Bluetooth compatible devices, however, there isn’t a secondary way to connect this keyboard to a device that doesn’t support Bluetooth, like an older laptop.

Backlit beauty. Amazon

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This travel-friendly keyboard is backlit in seven dimmable colors, so you can work on a dark plane without disturbing your comrade in the window seat. It’s ultra-thin, about half the height of the iClever, but like the iClever model, this device is only compatible with devices that support Bluetooth.

Roll this device up. Amazon

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The Sungwoo connects to devices via USB, not Bluetooth, so while it won’t help you make fewer errors while typing from your smartphone, it does make a great secondary laptop keyboard. Rolled out, the Sungwoo is larger than the standard keyboard on a 13-inch laptop and comes complete with a numeric keypad. Because it’s silicone, it’s flexible and completely waterproof. Keep in mind that the feeling of typing on silicon keys isn’t everyone’s jam and due to its flexible nature, this keyboard is only functional on a hard, flat surface.

Bluetooth device for smartphones and tablets. Amazon

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Plugable’s 10 x 3.75-inch keyboard is already smaller than standard keyboards, but also folds down to the size of your smartphone. This makes it super easy to throw in your bag when you’re traveling. Its durable frame is made of aluminum and features stainless-steel hinges. The included protective case also acts as a stand for your tablet or smartphone. Forget finding a place to prop up your phone. With the stand, you can type wherever you want. The USB-rechargeable battery lasts for multiple weeks.