Three electric skateboards to seriously improve your commute

Get there faster with a battery boost.

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A man named Louie Finkle (also known as Electric Louie) first filed a patent for electric skateboards in 1999, though they weren’t commercially available until around 2005. If you haven’t tried it before, skating with an electronic boost is next-level, unadulterated joy. An electric skateboard allows you to go way faster without any additional effort and is simply a fun, fast, and easy way to commute. Here are three electric skateboards to try.

These super sleek and impeccably crafted boards can climb an incline, and go up to a hair-blowing 20 miles per hour. There are a variety of ride modes, too. The mini board has an accompanying app and can travel up to 14 miles on a single charge.

This electric skateboard climbs hills and goes up to 27 mph. The deck is made out of eight layers of high-density maple wood and can load up to 280 pounds. This board also comes with a six-month warranty.

An electric longboard is a perfect entree into electric skateboarding, since the extra length makes it easier to balance on. It has a range of nine to eleven miles, and can go up to 22 mph. It’s made of Canadian Maple and fiberglass, though the batteries are built into the board (which gives it it’s sleek appearance). Control your speeds and directions wirelessly with the remote control that has an LCD screen.