Collapsible water bottles to toss in your bag

Save room in your pack with one of these origami bottles.

When you’re going on a long hike, through TSA security, or even just to work, you don’t want a big, empty water bottle rattling around in your bag. Opt for one of these collapsible water bottles instead. These high-capacity vessels fold or squeeze down much smaller, so there’s more room in your bag for essentials (read: snacks). They’re ready for a refill whenever thirst creeps up.

Comes with straps. Amazon


The Nomader, a roll-up bottle with a hook/carry strap, is designed for travelers. Its mouth is wide enough for ice cubes or fruit slices, and the bottle accommodates both hot and cold drinks. Its silicone body is designed to be drop- and shatterproof, and comes in an array of eye-catching colors. It can hold 22 ounces, or 650 ml.

A lightweight, high-capacity bottle ready for adventures. Amazon


For outdoor and backpacking enthusiasts, this ultralight “bottle” is the best bet. Not only does it have a generous 2-liter (70-ounce) capacity, it weighs 1.3-ounces and rolls up to fit inside a pocket when empty. It’s made out of BPA-free, food-grade polyethylene lining that will keep your water tasting like water. It’s more of a bag (with a stable base that stands upright when filled) than a bottle, and it’s perfect for water storage or transport during camping. It even pairs well with water filters.

Size adjustable water bottle in pretty colors. Amazon


These lightweight, BPA-free silicone water bottles from Que have a stackable design that goes from 4.8 inches tall (fully collapsed) to 8.4 inches (fully extended). It has an 20-ounce capacity, stainless steel cap, and is safe for hot liquids! Toss one in your gym bag, fill it up at the airport water fountain, or bring it on a day hike. It’s leak-proof, easy to clean, and comes in six colors.