The Best DIY Projects Of 2014

From hacked beer cans to drivable fish tanks, these are the coolest, craziest projects of the year
The Carpool Deville
This vehicle gives a whole new meaning to the term "carpool." Engineers Duncan Forster and Phil Weicker converted a Cadillac DeVille into a working hot tub on wheels. According to Forster, "You haven't really lived until you've sat in a hot tub and watched the world roll by." Photograph by Jeff Newton

Makers enjoyed a particularly fruitful year in 2014. They created projects ranging from the simple to the complex, the small to the large, and the useful to the bat$&*t crazy. In celebration of that variety, we collected our favorite DIY projects of the year in this gallery. But our list is by no means complete! Let us know if we left out an awesome project—tweet @PopSci or post on our Facebook page.

Tetris Bracelet
Powdered Alcohol
Wi-Fi Hacking Cat Collar
A6 V1.0 Paper Airplane Gun
Mini Grill From A Beer Can
Beer Can Camera
Hackett's Bike Generator
Tabletop Arcade
Fish on wheels
Nerf Sentry Gun
Bar Mixvah Robotic Bartender
Bionic Boot
T. Rex Shower Head
Air Hockey Robot