10 kid-friendly DIY projects you can enjoy outdoors

Take advantage of the warm weather

As spring hits its stride, we can all look forward to shedding our coats to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. And what better way to take advantage of the great outdoors than with an afternoon of DIY tinkering? These 10 projects are simple enough for kids to help out with, or even try on their own. (We also threw in a bonus eleventh idea that’s a little more complex.) Science geeks can even use some of these projects as jumping-off points to discuss concepts like solar energy and microbes.

Stay Dry

Photographs of the Rainworks sidewalk art created by Peregrine Church
Provided you live in an area with minimal light pollution, the outdoors are just as magnificent at night as they are during daylight hours. Before you go out to look at the stars, hack together a simple sextant from supplies you have sitting around your house. It won’t rival Google Maps, but even a bare-bones sextant like this one can demonstrate how people had to navigate in ye olden dayes.

Wind-Powered Record Player

We customized the Popular Science record player so it displays our logo as it spins.