Bluetooth adapters for old-school audiophiles

Don’t give up that vintage gear. Yet.

old stereo receiver
Seamless Bluetooth connectivity.Tom Jablonksi via Unsplash

When you’re searching for the best audio system to rock out with, the newest equipment isn’t necessarily the best. Maybe you grabbed an awesome vintage receiver from a yard sale, or a pair of studio-quality speakers long before streaming music was a thing. Yes, you’ll have to make peace with the fact that your laptop doesn’t have a CD player anymore, and probably have to explain to some people what a compact disc even is. But you don’t have to remain tethered to your stereo or speakers to fire up the playlists on your laptop, phone, or tablet. You just need a bluetooth adapter. Here are some great choices that give your old system new life.

Esinkin Bluetooth Audio Adapter for Music Streaming
Small and sleek.Amazon

Simply connect this tiny adapter (about two inches in length and width and one inch high) to your powered speakers or stereo receiver and press a button to pair with your bluetooth devices. It’s compatible with standard RCA or 3.5 mm jacks and comes with an AC power adapter. With a wireless range of 30-40 feet, you can dial up a romantic playlist from the tablet in your kitchen before you waltz into the living room with a bottle of wine. It’s also got multipoint Bluetooth capability, which means you can pair more than one device for convenient switching between them.

TaoTronics Bluetooth Receiver/Bluetooth AUX Adapter
Sound ON.Amazon

If you’ve ever complained that your wireless device has too many wires, you’ll like that the TaoTronic has a rechargeable battery in addition to a USB charger and port. This makes it possible for you to listen to a podcast on your favorite wired headphones in one room while it’s being streamed from a desktop computer in another—just plug your headphones into the auxiliary port on the receiver and then pair with your device. Pause or play music at the touch of a button directly from the receiver, and enjoy a range of about 100 feet and up to 55 hours of battery life.

1Mii B06 Plus Bluetooth Receiver
Plug, pair, and play.Amazon

The signal range of this receiver (up to 164 feet outdoors and 50-70 feet indoors, depending on obstacles) is appealing if you’ll be using it in a large open space like an event hall, or plan to use it with an outdoor stereo system. It supports aptX and aptX low latency, which means that audiophiles and gamers may be able to discern higher sound quality and better syncing of video on your laptop with audio from your speaker. Try out the 3D virtual surround-sound support with your favorite action movies, which tricks your ear into hearing effects from different locations in a room but should not be confused with a multi-speaker sound system.