Watch These Great Horned Owls Eat, Sleep, And Look Majestic [Video]

Animal voyeurism at its finest

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology likes to spy on birds, and we’re okay with that. In fact, it’s kind of awesome, because we get to spy on them too.

The lab has set up cameras to keep an eye on families of barn owls, red-tailed hawks, albatrosses and more. A lot of those nests are empty right now (thanks, Winter), but the Great Horned Owl Cam in Georgia is still pretty bumping. It’s one of Cornell’s newest bird cams, judging from the January 16 launch of their Twitter handle (@SavannahOwls ).

While you’re eating your lunch, take a few minutes to watch and zen out. You might catch the nesting mother and her mate exchanging prey, tending their eggs, hooting, screeching, and doing other owl-y things.