This Bike Safety Paint Is Invisible During The Day, Super Bright At Night

Spray on, wash off

Life Paint

Life Paint


Remember the glow-in-the-dark reindeer we wrote about last year? The same group that came up with an animal-safe spray paint to prevent herds of Santa's helpers from getting hit by cars has struck again--but this time they're keeping people safe instead of wildlife.

Reflective paint company Albedo 100 teamed up with Volvo to create LifePaint, a spray paint that can be applied to clothing, backpacks, and bikes. It is completely invisible during the day, but at night, when headlights hit it, the paint glows like a beacon. It can wash out of clothes, but the downside is that it only lasts a few weeks.

The fact that it can be washed off has attracted criticism from people who say the temporary paint is less a safety measure than a publicity stunt. The product was developed to promote Volvo's 'Vision 2020' resolution that no new Volvos would be responsible for the death or injury of a person by the year 2020.

It might not be better than a permanent light-up bike, but if you accidentally left your reflective gear at home, being able to paint your clothes with reflective spray does seem like a helpful (though temporary) safety solution. For more permanent solutions, there are startups that offer similar services. One company, Hub Powderworks in Massachusetts will paint your bike with a permanent highway-grade reflective paint for between $329 and $419. And of course there are DIY options out there too.

So far, 2000 cans of LifePaint are being given away at bike shops in London. If it is a success there, Volvo plans to expand the program.