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For the last four years, Mehdi Sadaghdar has been blowing stuff up and setting small fires on his ElectroBOOM YouTube channel. He’s electrocuted himself, probed his eyeballs and made a DIY taser, all while teaching viewers about science. If Bill Nye was a masochist and YouTube existed in the 1990s, his show might have looked like this.

His latest video extols the merits of GRAPHITE, taking us through an all-caps lesson on what should be a fairly benign carbon mineral, but of course turns into a fire hazard. Sadaghdar, who owns a thermal camera but not a pair of fire resistant gloves, runs through several experiments on various graphite forms. He puts 10 amps through a pencil and sets the whole thing on fire, yanks the carbon rods out of batteries to fashion them into the worst soldering tools ever, and burns through some alligator clips in the process.

Watch the video below to get yourself educated on graphite. May we all have the same zest for knowledge and disregard of our own safety as this man.