Do you get excited to wash your windshield every time you stop for gas? Good news: That same fun awaits in the shower! Using an affordable shower squeegee now can save you from ugly, hard-to-remove grime later. Most models affix easily and unobtrusively to the shower wall via a suction-cup holder, so you won’t even notice it’s there. Think of it as one more quick item on your list of shower chores: shampoo, conditioner, soap, shave, squeegee!

Cool Metallic Options

You get nearly a foot of coverage to wipe away grime, along with an ergonomic handle for easy use. The blade is designed to give a streak-free shine. HIWARE

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You don’t have to limit your squeegee to the shower. Use it on the bathroom mirror or even your car (no more waiting for the next exciting trip to the gas station!). Most models come in various sizes (10 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches), so consider all the ways in which you plan to use it before you buy.

Silicone Edge

Unlike other PVC models, this one is soft and flexible, for a smoother, streak-free wipe-down. And even though the body is metal, it won’t rust, even in your humid water closet. AmazerBath

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To up the ante of your squeegeeing game, consider using a daily shower spritzer first. If you pair a non-toxic, soap-scum-fighting spray with the squeegee, that’s twice the resistance against mildew, mold, and other yucky shower buildup.

Flexible Blade for Rippled Surfaces

This one gives you the option of compatible accessories, like a drain protector (to catch hair) and a tile scrubber with an abrasive, anti-microbial head for deep cleaning. OXO

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For an additional level of security, after squeegeeing, use a dry towel to wipe down all the surfaces. Then, to clean the squeegee itself, just run it under cold water after every use and place it back in its holder to air-dry.