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What if we told you you could feel less like Cinderella while cleaning the house, scrubbing the floors with a cloth and bucket of water, and instead feel more like Inspector Gadget, whipping out all sorts of high-tech tools to make the job not only quick, but actually fun? Cleaning your floors, bath tiles, and kitchen sinks can go so much quicker with the help of a great spin scrubber. Whether you’re tackling the tile and grout in your bathroom, removing the baked-in grease and grit from your stove, or giving your hardwood floor a bit of a shine, here’s how to find the best spin scrubbers to finish the job.

Features to look for in the best spin scrubbers

Finding the right spin scrubber for you means identifying the work you’ll be doing and the environment you’ll be doing it in. If you’re getting the grunge out of your grout or removing it from the narrow space around faucets, you’ll want a small brush specifically designed for tile and grout cleaning. If you’re tackling bathroom and kitchen floors, though, you’ll need a larger brush head. Thankfully, there are also convertible options that allow you to change out brushes to fit the job.

Another popular option is a brush set designed to work with your drill. Such sets are convenient, as they provide a variety of heads that work with a tool you already own. However, they present the challenges of making sure you don’t drop your very expensive electric drill into the toilet and avoiding splashbacks that could fry your drill’s electronics.

Don’t worry, finding the right spin brush for you isn’t as fraught as it might sound. Allow us to guide you through the process with our top tips and top picks for finding the best spin scrubber.

Reach for hybrid scrubbers

If you’ve got a wide variety of surfaces to clean, from shower heads to tiled floors and all the spaces in between, you’ll want a device that can adapt. Hybrid electric spin brushes come with multiple heads and extendable arms to reach high-up spaces and between tiles. You’ll want to look for something powered by a rechargeable battery rather than something that runs on disposable batteries, because this is the kind of device you’ll be able to use year after year, thanks to tough and replaceable brush heads and a motor that is designed to last.

Best hybrid scrubber: Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Cordless Shower Scrubber


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Four detachable, waterproof heads on this electric spin scrubber allow you to switch from cleaning the space behind your shower head to scouring wide bathroom tiles. A three-to-four-hour charge provides up to ninety minutes of use.

What is the best power scrubber?

Scouring your sink and bathroom floor can be exhausting, but a good power scrubber can save the day. These deceptively powerful devices oscillate their scrubbers a staggering number of times per second to do away with tough mildew, stains, and filth stuck in hard-to-reach spaces. The best power scrubbers generally offer telescoping arms, and heads that can be swapped out to fit your task.

Best power scrubber: Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ Cordless Telescoping Power Scrubber

This rechargeable power scrubber offers up to two hours of battery life, a telescoping neck that extends up to 51 inches and shrinks down to 38 inches, and an articulating head. Its water-resistance rating means it can be submerged in three feet of water for half an hour and keep on ticking.

Find a scrubber designed for cleaning tile grout

If getting the spaces in between your kitchen and bathroom tiles is your main focus, you may not want an extendable power scrubber, because a less cumbersome device will do. Handheld grout scrubbers are great for getting into tiny spaces up close and personal. These tile and grout cleaning machines pack a load of automatic scrubbing ability into a device the size of a toothbrush but scrape away years of gunk in seconds. They generally run on AAA batteries and offer packs of replacement heads at a reasonable price.

Best for tile and grout: Rubbermaid Power Scrubber with All-Purpose Grout Head


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Clean out tough-to-reach grout and get your sink handles to shine with this tile cleaning scrubber. Offering 60 oscillations per second, this tiny tool will banish dirt in no time. Interchangeable heads will help you tackle any job.

There are plenty of versatile floor scrubbers

Instead of spending the weekend crawling around on the floor, keep your tile and hardwood floors shining with handheld, hybrid mop scrubbers. Rather than boasting extending arms and articulating heads, these floor scrubbers are designed like an old-fashioned mop, but deliver two flat, spinning brushes to clean up dirt, pet messes, and dust.

Best for floor: Bissell SpinWave Cordless PET Hard Floor Spin Mop


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An 18-volt battery in this Bissell spin cleaning brush provides 20 minutes of cordless runtime as two brushes shine up your floor. Control how much cleaning solution hits your surfaces with a button.

Best spin scrubbers on a budget: What you can get for under $10

For under ten dollars, you can get the scrubbers you need—but not the motor that powers them. That’s OK if you own a cordless drill. Drill brush-attachment packs offer an assortment of brushes designed for a wide variety of surfaces. Just plug in your drill, attach them, and bam, you’re ready to get your bathroom clean. We don’t recommend using your fanciest, newest drill for this task unless it’s waterproof, as odds are the drill is going to get wet.

Best budget: Useful Drill Brush Attachment


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Three different-sized nylon brushes of this electric scrubbing brush will do away with gunk and dirt and shine up your bathroom fixtures. You can also purchase different colors for different surfaces—the stuff red brushes work best for dingey garages and outdoor work, while the yellow bristles are better suited for bathroom tiles and porcelain.


Q: Do spin scrubbers work?

Spin scrubbers make some cleaning tasks much easier. They regularly do away with soap scum and dirt, but mildew stains may require more precise cleaning tools. Their effectiveness really relies on the power they put out and the job you are trying to do.

Q: What soap should you use with a spin scrubber?

Part of the allure of spin scrubbers is that they offer enough power to preclude the use of harsh detergents. Most experts recommend using a mild cleaning formula along with your scrubber.

Q: How long does it take to charge a Hurricane spin scrubber?

Hurricane spin scrubbers must be charged for 20 hours when first removed from the box, but after the first use they need nine hours to fully charge.

The bottom line on finding the best spin scrubbers

Whether you’re doing a deep spring cleaning or just trying to tidy things up, a motorized spin brush can make your least favorite kind of house cleaning much easier. Before buying a spin brush, make sure it’s compatible with the kind of work you plan to use it for. Yes, many spin brushes offer interchangeable heads and adjustable necks for different tasks, but they are not all equal. Scrubbing out the grout between your tiles and shining your floor requires different heads as well as power output. Check the product descriptions to see if your desired use is covered in order to find the best spin scrubber for you.