A cozy, comfortable sock can go a long way when it comes to gift-giving. Think about it. How many times a year do you venture out to buy yourself a really good pair of socks? Probably not very often, but also think about how many times you reach desperately into your drawer hoping to find your favorite pair but come up empty because they are dirty? Probably a lot. We have collected some great options that will keep you in good gift standing and keep your favorite feet protected from the elements.

For the languid lounger. Amazon

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These Tibetan slipper socks are perfect for those who want to stay comfy at home. Made from 100 percent wool, they are hand-knit, fleece-lined with non-slip bottoms and snug, non-slouch fit. It’s like sticking your feet inside a cloud. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can get yourself a pair while you’re at it. While your loved one won’t necessarily be wearing them out of the house, they will be grateful for the opportunity to level up their loungewear.

For the outdoor adventurer. Amazon

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For the friend who is always outside hiking, camping, skiing, and more, these socks from Smartwool will make a great gift. Chances are they already have a pair and are dying for more. Made of mostly durable Merino wool, these socks keep feet nice and toasty without overheating and fit comfortably with form-fitting athletic wear. They last forever and come in 15 different colors in a variety of sizes. While these specific socks are made for narrower feet, you can find many more options for wider feet made with the same durable material in the Smartwool style.

For your feistiest friend. Amazon

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Blue Q is the champion of socks with novelty sayings to delight anyone looking for a bit of fun in their footwear. With styles that say things like, “Inner Demons Do the Darndest Things”, you will be hard-pressed to find a pair that won’t add some spark to your toes. In this sock, one size fits women’s size 5-10 but Blue Q also makes socks in men’s sizes as well so you don’t have to worry about not finding a great saying for any family member or friend. You’ll have so much fun looking through the options, you’ll want to give them as a gift to everyone you know.

For the one who deserves to get fancy. Amazon

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What could be better than slipping your feet into a beautifully soft cashmere sock on a chilly day? These socks are straight from Scotland and come in a variety of sizes (including men’s) and colors like navy, pink, black, red, and grey so you can guide your loved one into the lap of luxury starting with their feet. These are no doubt a gift that will keep on giving and you will be to thank.