When you’ve been given the green light to ditch the office for the comfort of working at home, you’re pumped. Finally, you can get stuff done without interruptions from coworkers, in your coziest clothes, with your pup curled up at your feet.

In reality, couches, beds, and armchairs quickly lose their appeal. Your wrists hurt from typing at odd angles and your computer gets so hot in your lap that your knees start to sweat. That doesn’t mean it’s time to resign yourself to a daily commute. With the right lap desk, you can make all sorts of seating in your homework as a workstation. Here are some low-commitment (read: inexpensive) investments that could seriously improve your remote working.

Most comfortable: Mind Reader Adjustable Portable 8 Position Lap Top Desk

Type at an angle that makes your arms and wrists feel good. This lap desk allows you to tilt your laptop or tablet and hold it steady in eight different positions—perfect for people who alternate between crossed legs and feet flat on the floor. The no-frills design features two padded cushions that rest on your legs while still providing ventilation for your hard-working machine.

Most surface space: TaoTronics Laptop Desk

The large size of this laptop desk—less than half an inch shy of two feet across—means you can use it as a breakfast tray, or work while you drink coffee or tea. This model has sturdy legs to take the weight of your computer off of your lap entirely. You can adjust the height of the desk from 9.5 to 12.6 inches and tilt it up to 35 degrees, making it possible for this option to double as a standing desk, if you’re placing it on a counter or true desk. The legs retract and fold up underneath the desk’s surface for easy storage.

Most eco-friendly: Lap Desk by Hultzzzy

An attractive cushion nicely complements the bamboo surface of this simple lap desk. The surface accommodates laptops up to 17 inches, and thoughtfully includes a pen holder, a slot for your tablet or phone, and an elastic strap to secure a notebook or papers. It’s not adjustable (although you can remove the foam cushion for cleaning), so it’s best for shorter sessions of work, or to take with you on a train or bus trip.