When you’re editing audio or video, a proper set of headphones designed specifically for the task is essential for doing it right. The most common headphones produced for consumer use often accentuate different elements of the sonic spectrum to enhance the user’s listening experience, editing headphones are typically designed to be as accurate, un-enhanced and true-to-source as possible to help creatives make critical editing decisions. In today’s creative world, picking the right editing headphones will ensure that you can dive headfirst into your work no matter where it takes you.

Here are some of the best editing headphones currently available.

An audio editor’s dream come true. Amazon

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The DT 770 Pro headphones from Beyerdynamic boast a stylish, closed-back design that makes them the perfect choice for editing audio. Tailored for producing accurate response across the whole audio spectrum, particularly in bass frequencies where other headphones often fall short, they aim to accurately reproduce nuances in audio while naturally eliminating outside noise. These German-engineered headphones come with a two-year warranty, drawstring bag, and soft, adjustable earcups.

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These headphones make a fantastic all-around budget pick for their versatility and quality. Designed for all critical editing applications, they sport closed-ear construction and a wide frequency range, plus rotating ear cups and a three-meter cable for maximum ergonomic value. This is a perfect choice if you’re looking to outfit a whole recording or production studio, or if you’re a discerning creative who just needs a second pair of cans.

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The Sennheiser HD 300 PRO headphones offer extended frequency response from 6 to 25,000 hertz that makes them perfect for reproducing the smallest subtleties in audio across the whole spectrum, even at maximum volumes in noisy environments. This feature, along with the cozy padded headband and earpads, are sure to help users get maximum editing time under their belt without wasting a moment to discomfort or lack of clarity. They’re super light, too, so you can go for hours straight editing if need be.

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If you need a pair of headphones that can do a little bit of everything, the Sony MDR7506 is a legendary workhorse that can get the job done for you. They’re a staple in production houses and recording studios everywhere, and for good reason: they’re lightweight, durable, and they sound great—boasting a frequency response from 10 to 20,000 hertz. The coiled cable stays untangled in high-traffic areas or when you’re on the go, and they fold up for easy storage, too.