A computer monitor stand keeps your spreadsheets and email inbox at eye level, giving you less reason to hunch over your keyboard. Plus, a good stand will free up desk space, making room for a more organized work area. Before buying one, test out a variety of heights using stacks of books. Once you know your preferred height, consider investing in one of these stands. Your aching shoulders will thank you.

Room to organize: Songmics Bamboo 2-Tier Monitor Stand Riser


Goes well with a wooden desk. Amazon

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This monitor riser is 6.3 inches tall and comes with two levels so that you can keep your laptop on a different level from your keyboard and mouse, leaving more space on your desk. It’s made from bamboo, which is not only more sustainable, but also gives the stand a natural, smooth look. The upper compartments are adjustable so that you can create up to six slots for office essentials. It also comes with two cellphone holders.

Take it with you: Tabletote Plus Adjustable Computer Stand


Extendable legs. Amazon

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This computer stand is great for if you want to try the whole standing desk thing without committing to spending hundreds on a new work surface. Just extend the legs and set it on top of your desk. It’s also great for traveling or for working on the sofa. The legs are adjustable, so this stand can range in height from 12 to 29 inches. (An average table is around 30 inches high, so this can also work as a stand-alone desk with a normal sized chair.) It folds up neatly and weighs about three pounds.

Most versatile: Klearlook Foldable Monitor Stand Riser


Extend to match fit workstation. Amazon

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This computer stand has a clean finish and an adjustable width—from 16.5 inches to 20.5 inches. It’s about three inches tall. It also comes with a drawer for storage and a phone or tablet holder. A non-slip mat on the bottom will make sure the monitor stays in place.

Best for minimalists: Satechi Aluminum Universal Unibody Monitor Stand


Withstands up to 31 pounds. Amazon

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If you only need your monitor to be raised slightly, or if you really want a monitor stand to hide some of your sticky note clutter, this Satechi Aluminum Universal Unibody Monitor is a great choice. It’s elegantly designed and available in a variety of colors, including space grey, silver, gold, and rose gold, all of which compliment the Apple laptop and monitor colors. The height is 1.75 inches, and you’ll be able to store a small keyboard and mouse underneath.