The arrival of 3D printing has changed everything from toys to automobile design, but for a long time the barrier for entry was just way too high for the general public. Like all new technology, however, what was once a sci-fi luxury can now be a common addition to your home office.

If you’ve been curious to give 3D printing a whirl, here are some intuitive, versatile options that will get you up to speed in style.

The only limit is your imagination (and 16-inches). Amazon

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The Anycubic is a great introduction to the world of 3D printing because it gives you some impressive space in which to work. Its 15.75 x 15.75 x 17.72-inch build volume allows for some truly imaginative construction, especially if it’s your first foray into 3D modeling. The Anycubic supports a range of construction materials—it comes with some color test PLA filament in red, green, yellow, beige, and blue—and its modular design makes for easy assembly and intuitive control.

Think inside this box. Amazon

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Compact and easy to set up, the FlashForge goes out of its way to make the process of integrating a 3D printer into your life as easy as possible. The slide-in build plate makes it easy to retrieve your printed items, and the touchscreen controls are simple to pick up (the use of clearly understandable icons helps a lot). The printer features WiFi, USB, and flash drive connectivity, and is among the quietest 3D printers available. So if you don’t have a ton of handy workspace and you need to be conscious of your housemates, this is a great option.

Helps you learn. Amazon

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The Quidi’s goal is to get you to think more deeply about 3D printing and design. Education is one of its primary functions. It even comes with its own textbook to teach kids and newbies the basics of printing techniques, filament types, and more. It also boasts two separate types of editing software, one for professional-style editing and another called the “Education Edition” which is about teaching techniques and answering questions. The Quidi even has its own camera where you can monitor a print project’s progress via an app on your phone. It’s powerful, and provides so many more benefits beyond just cool plastic toys.