Best desk chairs of 2023

Whether you’re setting up your home office or upgrading the chair at work, a supportive and comfortable desk chair is an absolute must. We’ve done the research and discovered the very best desk chair for your needs

Best adjustable desk chair

Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair

Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair

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Best stylish desk chair

The Art Leon Mid Century Modern Accent Chair is the best upholstered.

Art Leon Mid Century Chair

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Best budget chair

Neo Chair

Neo Chair

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With more of us able to work from home now, it’s time to retire the uncomfortable dining room table chair you’ve repurposed for your home office. Protect your back, whole body, and even your mind with a desk chair so comfortable you’ll never want to stop working (maybe). We’ve researched the best desk chairs dependent on the way you’ll want to use them.

When looking for the most support, you’ll probably find comfort in an ergonomic desk chair. Ergonomic chairs are specifically designed for comfort and efficient body movements in your workspace. A few key features you’re going to want are adjustable height, tilt angle, and arms so that the chair lines up well with your body type. There is no one chair that fits all—so find one that gives you the ability to make the tweaks you’ll need for optimal comfort. There are also chairs that will give you a full-body workout while you sit and stare at your screen, like a balance ball chair. Looking for one that will allow hours of gaming comfort while you beat the hardest level? There are tons of plush gaming chairs out there. Or perhaps you need an armless chair for the ability to perform your guitar. Last and certainly not least, consider style. The best desk chair has to look and feel good so your office is a tranquil, productive space.

Features to consider when shopping for the best desk chair

Buying the best desk chair is an essential part of creating a productive workspace. Not only will it make your workday smoother, but it is key to your health. Years of poor posture can leave your back in knots. We’ve picked some of the best desk chairs that will give you optimal support throughout the workday.

Do you want an office desk chair that’s super adjustable?

Why be stuck with a chair that’s too low or too high when an adjustable chair will allow you to make the chair work exactly how you want it? There are numerous ways in which a poorly adjusted chair can do damage to your body, from causing poor circulation to straining your neck.

Stressed? It could be your chair. When the spine isn’t properly aligned other parts of your body will overcompensate and raise fatigue and stress levels. Fear not though, you just need to pick an office chair that allows you to sit how you want to. Think upright, eye level with your computer, and with your back fully supported. This is where a super adjustable chair becomes your new best friend.

Best adjustable: Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair

Highly Functional and Supportive

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Sihoo has crafted a highly adjustable office chair with nearly every part able to be shifted to fit your body. An adjustable headrest, backrest, armrest, and waist pillow conform to your posture. If you’re short on space, this may not be the best fit, as it has a 20-inch frame for maximum back support.

Balance ball chairs are great for lower back pain and improving posture

Balance ball chairs are a great option for those looking to get a health boost throughout the workday. Chairs that offer active sitting will strengthen your core while offering support for your lower back, while chairs that have poor support can cause spinal alignment issues and lead to a potentially serious back injury. Ball chairs solve this by creating a chair that strengthens.

Not only will you get stronger, but the micromovements created by your body’s attempts to balance will stimulate your mind, allowing for heightened focus and concentration.

Best balance ball chair: Gaim Classic Balance Ball Chair

Innovative and Active

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This balance ball chair is a great option for someone who wants the extra exercise but still needs the stability and support of a backrest. It’s well built and weighs around 13 pounds. An included exercise guide shows you stretches to help you fully utilize your chair.

Look to an ergonomic desk chair for great support

The best ergonomic desk chair will make sitting up straight feel easier than slouching. Look for one with good lumbar support to help ease lower back pain—some have adjustable lumbar support so you can alter how far back you sit. Adjustable height, headrest, and armrests are also key to finding a comfortable desk chair. The ideal chair should be about 16 to 21 inches above the ground, and your arms should rest comfortably while your feet remain flat.

Best ergonomic: Berlman Adjustable Office Chair

Durable and Breathable

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Adjustable arms make this the best ergonomic desk chair for those who are looking for a more open seat. Practicing guitar in a chair with arms can be pretty tricky. But once you’re done performing, you can roll the arms back down for support while you use your mouse. A full 360-degree swivel ability means you can communicate easily with co-workers and collaborators.

Do you want a desk chair that looks as good as it feels?

Aesthetics may not always be as important as comfort, but it’s a close race. Luckily, these qualities can be balanced out—be sure to look for a chair with lots of padding to round out your posture. A high back helps prevent slouching, and armrests will keep you from leaning too far forward and straining your neck.

Best stylish: Art Leon Mid Century Chair

Secret Swivel

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This modern desk chair offers a great combination of style and comfort. Not only does it have a museum-worthy mid-century design, but its padded poly-cotton fabric makes it a joy to sit in. A full swivel ability makes it one of the best desk chairs for a busy office setting. Hand-sewn and finished with beech wood legs, this is as classy as a desk chair gets.

Looking for the best gaming chair?

Gamers are going to want a nice headrest and back support to support the hours of gameplay they’ll likely be participating on. A racing seat arcade style is padded and will impress friends who come over for multi-player action.

The best gaming desk chairs offer a wide variety of positioning. You may want the ability to spread out and fully extend your legs, or sit with one foot up. Padded armrests are important, as controllers usually force your arms to be extended outward. The more support you get, the better you’ll be able to perform.

Best gaming chair: Respawn Gaming Chair

Peak Performance

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This gaming chair is one that wouldn’t look out of place for your office chair. Its sleek upholstered fabric gives it a professional look while still being sporty, and the added pillows and footrest offer tons of support. If, however, looking like you’re commanding the Starship Enterprise may be awkward in front of your boss, you may want to go for something more discreet.

Best desk chair on a budget: What you can get for under $100

You can still have style and comfort without spending a fortune on a desk chair. While you may skimp on extra cushioning and adjustability, you’ll still be able to find the best desk chair to keep your posture in check and help boost your productivity. Most desk chairs still let you adjust the height and have padded head- and armrests, as well as the ability to swivel. You likely won’t be able to adjust the angle of your headrest or armrests, though.

Best budget: Neo Chair

Great Value

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This ergonomic chair offers great value with a dual fabric mesh back that makes it highly breathable. Not only is it light but also stain resistant. Its gas lift gives you the ability to adjust the height while having stability. Full tilt controls mean you can adjust it to your liking. With the budget price, you’ll get lighter components—which means you may not get as many years out of it with heavy use.


Q: What is the best desk chair for sitting all day?

The best desk chair for those long, epic workdays is really the one that offers the most support for your body. If your job requires you to spend many hours at your desk, then perhaps you may sacrifice the look of a chic, smaller chair and go for a larger ergonomic model that gives you loads of support. Balance ball chairs are another option for those who want to ensure they have healthy posture all day.

Q: Are expensive chairs worth it?

he chair, you realize it’s likely to become one of your most-used items. Plus, the more ergonomic, the better your posture will be (which means fewer neck and back problems down the road).

Q: How long do desk chairs last?

s sturdy and full of air.

A final word on shopping for the best desk chairs

Creating a comfortable space to work from has never been more important. With our work environments changing, the thing that will forever be essential is the need for the best desk chair to keep your body and mind comfortable for the work that lies ahead.