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Whether you’re suffering the shivers of winter or the sweatiness of summer, it’s human nature to complain about the temperature. And while modern climate control often protects us from extreme temps, the whole world isn’t air conditioned—at least not yet. It seems there are more ways to keep warm during the winter than to cool off during summer. You can always bundle up, but your biology—and the HR department at your work—will only allow you to strip down so far. Luckily, technology can save the day once again. Here are a few ways to keep cool during this summer heat.

Bodum Coffee Maker

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This Bodum Bean iced coffee maker uses a French press system to make refreshing cold brew. Similar to the Toddy from our make badass cold brew article, you grind coffee, leave it in the fridge overnight, press down the French press’ plunger, and then pour yourself some tasty brew. It even comes with a locking lid for fridge storage.

Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Cube Tray

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Continue on your quest to make everything in your house Star Wars-themed with this Han Solo Carbonite ice cube tray. It has one 3.5-inch ice cube spot and six 1.75-inch cube molds that will go great with your Darth Vader baking pan and wookie-themed floor mop.

PETMAKER Ice Water Pet Bowl

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Your pooch deserves a cold one on a hot summer day, too. This ice water pet bowl has a non-toxic gel insert that keeps water cold up to eight hours. The bowl holds two cups of liquid.

Silver Ridge Zero Short Sleeve Shirt

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This workout shirt from Columbia is a polyester/cotton mix that uses Omni-Wick technology to help evaporate sweat faster—keeping you dry—and an Omni-Freeze Zero technology that uses your own sweat to cool you down. Translated into non-marketing speak: It helps pull the sweat from your skin.

Coleman Cooler

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The Coleman 54-quart cooler can hold 85 cans, is tall enough to have two-liter bottles stand upright, and has burly stainless steel handles with rubber grips. The cooler is sturdy enough for you to sit on it and it has a leak resistant drain channel.

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

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There’s nothing like a scoop of homemade ice cream to get you through a heat wave. The Cusinart ICE-70 makes two-quarts of ice cream, gelato, or sorbet in 20 minutes and shuts off automatically once the cycle is done. There are pre-programmed buttons on the machine for each dessert, so there’s no learning curve. Plus, the opening on top allows you to mix in items such as nuts, chocolate chips, or Oreos!

Bluewave Bedding Ultra Slim Cool-Gel Memory Foam Pillow

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This 2.5-inch thick pillow is made of memory foam with a heat absorbing cooling gel infused on top. When pressure is applied to the water-based gel and polymer, it triggers a reaction that pulls heat from the body. The pillow comes with a bamboo cover, which helps wick moisture from the skin for a cooler sleep. It’s also designed to be a flatter pillow for stomach sleepers like me.

Honeywell Tabletop Air-Circulator Fan.

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Sometimes a simple solution works best. This Honeywell desk fan has three speeds, can reach up to 27 feet away, and has blades that are designed to be less noisy. Throw a bowl of ice in front of it to make an old-school air conditioner.

Mission VaporActive Cooling Lockdown Headband

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The Mission VaporActive polyester headband is 2.5-inches tall and attracts and evaporates sweat to keep you cool and dry. It comes with an adjustable strap to fit any size head.

Compact Ice Maker

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This compact ice maker creates cubes in six minutes and can make up to 26 pounds per day. The machine lets you choose between two different sizes of ice cubes and can store up to 2.3 quarts of ice.

Lebice Popsicle Molds Set

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At PopSci we love ice pops. They keep you cold. They are tasty. This 6 popsicle mold comes with a funnel for easy pouring, a recipe book. Plus, the whole thing is dishwasher safe.

FlexiFreeze Ice Vest

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The FlexiFreeze Ice Vest weighs 3.5 pounds and has 96 ice cubes built into it. You can adjust the vest to fit all sizes—XS to 6X.

Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

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The S’ip vacuum insulated double-walled water bottle by S’well keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours and holds 15 ounces of liquid. This particular model is great because it has dachshunds running around on it. Nothing cooler than a wiener dog.


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