Buy a Traeger grill on Cyber Monday and get $165 worth of free accessories

Imagine that there's blue smoke rolling out of that monster.
Traeger grill on blue

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People often associate grilling with hot summer days. Winter grilling offers something even more magical. There’s something about the way the cold air carries the smell of smoke. And how the heat obliterates snowflakes as the approach the hot metal lid. The delicious food at the end helps, too. You could be grilling this winter if you hop on Traeger’s current Cyber Monday deal. 

Traeger makes some of the best pellet grills around. These auger-fed cookers automatically push just the right amount of wood pellet fuel into the cooking chamber to keep the grill at just the right temperature. That makes it ideal for going low-and-slow for a rack of ribs. But, it can also crank high enough to sear a steak. 

The free accessory kit comes with an assortment of sauces and rubs, as well as the $80 full-length grill cover that will protect the cooker in the winter. It also includes a $20 hat.

If you’re trying to compare the grills, the number in the name typically refers to the area of the cooking surface in square inches. The higher the number, the bigger the grill. 

Traeger Ironwood 885 Grill $1,599 (With free accessories) 

This pellet grill is the best mix of performance and price for serious at-home barbecue cooks. Built-in wifi sends alerts to a smartphone app to help guide cooks through the grilling process. It also has a ton of handy bells and whistles. There’s a light inside the pellet hopper so you can see when you’re running low on wood. It uses the D2 digital controller, which maintains super accurate temperatures. It’s a tried-and-true winner of a grill.

Traeger Ironwood 650 $1,399

If you don’t mind something a little smaller, then you can save $200 by stepping down to the Ironwood 650. It has most of the same features that you’ll find in the 885, but on a smaller scale. 

Traeger Pro 780 grill $999

Traeger 575 wifi pellet grill $899