Just 6 rad kites for fearless flyers

Let out some slack and take flight.

Kite Flying
Let's talk about how fun flying a kite is—and all science owes to the concept.Pikabum (PixaBay)

While the most imminently buyable kites are strictly for entertainment, kites have been used in serious scientific pursuits since they were invented in China thousands of years ago.

Yes, in June 1752 a man named Ben Franklin used a kite to prove that lightning is made of electricity, but it goes well beyond that. Kites—which harness lift, weight, thrust, and drag to whip into the air—were precursors to flying machines like the Wright brothers' first plane. They were used to predict weather conditions in early meteorology. Over a thousand years ago military units across the globe used them for signaling and sending messages from miles away.

Inspired? Ready to make like the finale of Mary Poppins and go fly a kite? These, for what it's worth, are our favorites—for both amateurs and mega-nerds.

In the Breeze Black Diamond Kite

Black Diamond Kite
This 30-inch by 30-inch diamond kite is a classic. It is lightweight and almost indestructible, made with a UV- and stain-resistant rip-stop polyester. To improve flight stability, there are three 12-foot tails attached to the bottom. Its twisted polyester tether means it can reach up to 130 feet.Amazon

aGreatLife Huge Rainbow Kite

aGreatLife Huge Rainbow Kite
This rainbow 26 by 42-inch kite is lightweight, making it perfect for children. The multi-colored flyer is easy to assemble, comes with 50 meters of dacron line, and is made of s strong rip-stop polyester. Attached streams give the kite extra flare while it's soaring through the sky.Amazon

Octopus Kite

Hengda Octopus Kite
This high-strength nylon polymer cephalopod is flight-ready straight from the box. It's great for young kids, though keep in mind it's bigger than it looks, measuring just a hair under 3 feet wide and just over 13 feet tall.Amazon

Sea Otter Kite

Sea Otter Kite
Some animals can't fly. This nylon sea otter can. With 125 feet of line, you can let this guy swim in the clouds.Amazon

SpinBox-WindNSun Cellular Nylon Kite

SpinBox Nylon Kite
The 36-inch Spinbox professional nylon kite takes things to the next level. The spinning, multi-colored kite rotates in the sky like a majestic double-rainbow pinwheel.Amazon

Prism Snapshot 1.2

Prism Snapshot Kite
For the more experienced flyer, this Prism Snapshot kite has a 4-foot wingspan and a parafoil frameless design. Without a frame, this kite can more easily re-inflate after crashes. What's more, it's got a dual-line control and is designed with air inlets to vent air and prevent the kite from collapsing. The set comes with pre-attached tail, flight straps, and lines. There's a storage pouch included as well.Amazon

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