Lint brushes to keep your outfits free of fuzz and fur

Leave your pets at home.

dog on a couch
Keep your clothes and furniture hairless.Depositphotos

Choosing what you’re going to wear to work is only half the battle. The other half is making sure your work attire still looks professional when you arrive at your desk. Owners of velvety couches, long-haired dogs, and tuxedo cats may have to work extra hard to stay free of loose fibers and pet hair, but all garments can collect lint. Disposable lint rollers with sticky tape—or just grabbing scotch tape or packing tape in a moment of desperation—may seem convenient, but aren’t eco-friendly. Fortunately, these handy lint brushes will keep you just as meticulously groomed and can be used over and over again.

Oxo Good Grips Furlifter Pet Hair Remover for Clothing
Go ahead, adopt a golden retriever.Amazon

Unless you’re planning on making finger puppets and tote bags from your cat’s hair (which is a thing), you probably aren’t thrilled at how they seem to have a never-ending supply of fur. Grab this sturdy-handled brush, swipe in the direction of the arrows on either side, and lift away the pet hair and other fibers that have latched onto your outfit. Tiny bristles on the brush do the work, and can easily be cleaned—just dip the brush into the base and remove to leave hair behind. When the base gets full, take the cap off and empty it in the trash.

Home-it Clothes Brush, Lint Brush, and Shoe Horn
My, you look dapper.Amazon

If your idea of looking smart is a three-piece suit and you shine your shoes on the regular, you’ll love the simplicity and utility of this tool. This wooden implement is finished in a dark walnut color with a clever shoehorn built into the handle, a bristled side for fast pet hair removal, and a finer padded side to leave no hair behind. Easily slip on your oxfords, spot check your lapels, and don’t stop at any cat cafes on the way to your meeting.

MUJI Portable Lint Brush
A travel essential.Amazon

At less than 4 inches long, this affordable folding brush is small enough to stash in your toiletries kit, glove compartment, briefcase, or desk drawer. You’ll probably want to have a bigger one at home if you have pets, but this one is perfect for emergencies, like when you remove a layer and are momentarily horrified that your white shirt has become a holiday-sweater red. It’s also a great gift idea for white elephant exchanges.