Enjoy These Amazing High-Def Nature GIFs

We've picked out a few favorites from Head Like An Orange, home of hundreds of amazing nature GIFs.

Marinus is a 28-year-old from the Netherlands, and he makes GIFs. But not just any GIFs: his Tumblr, Head Like An Orange, is a collection of some of nature’s most stunning, weirdest, sweetest, and funniest moments. At least, they are the best moments captured on film, put into TV shows, and edited down into short, spellbinding loops.

Are the ones we’ve picked out here the best GIFs on Marinus’s blog? We don’t know–there are hundreds to choose from, and they are all wonderful. But here are a few of the highlights:

A mountain gorilla (Africa - BBC)

A black-capped kingfisher (Neil Fifer)

A jellyfish (Rafa Herrero Massieu)