This Week in the Future, March 14-18, 2011


Four of this week’s best articles are depicted in Baarbarian’s newest This Week in the Future creation, combining for a work of serene violence, with a spaceship. You could win a t-shirt with the painting on it–provided you follow our (incredibly easy to follow) instructions.

Here’s the deal: One lucky reader will win this week’s TWitF shirt. All you have to do is tell us which of these stories is your favorite and why, either on Twitter (follow us at @PopSci, and use the hashtag #TWitF so we can find you) or in the comments section on this post. One winner will be chosen through a complex algorithmic selection process (involving me putting a piece of duct tape indicating the winner on my computer monitor while blindfolded and possibly inebriated) and be sent this glorious t-shirt (which you can also buy here, if you’re so inclined). Here are your choices:

And here are our other favorite stories of the week: