Super Tunnel, 1981. via Pink Tentacle

Here at PopSci, we love looking back on our previous dreams of the future.

So we get really excited about artists like Shigeru Komatsuzaki, a prolific Japanese illustrator who spent 50 years drawing his own unique vision of the future. In magazines, model packages and even films, he imagined a world filled with things like rocket-launching robots, car boats and solar cities. If only things turned out like Komatsuzaki dreamed.

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Pink Tentacle has a treasure trove of Komatsuzaki’s work in a post today. Check out a sampling of some of our favorite illustrations here, then head over to Pink Tentacle for the rest–well worth it.

Pink Tentacle

Space Colony

Space Colony, 1980

Undersea Supertunnel

Super Tunnel, 1981

Solar City

Lamborghinis would be a common sight in this Solar City.

Moon Bus

If we knew moon highways and moon buses were in our future, the Obama administration might have thought twice about telling NASA to cancel its Constellation moon-return program.

Sea Monster

Back in 1954, Komatsuzaki dreamed of battling pleiosauruses in undersea cities.

Attack Boy

Attack Boy! We especially like the rocket-riding baby in the upper right, reminiscent of Dr. Strangelove. Head over to Pink Tentacle for much, much more.