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The new iPhone 13 is an investment worth protecting with the best iPhone 13 cases. These containers combine quality materials with designs that protect the phone (and its killer camera upgrade) from falls, water, and anything else you throw at it. It doesn’t hurt if they look good and add functionality, too. 

The latest iPhone upgrade can wear cases with innovative stands or glass screen protectors, but there are also options that keep things sleek and sophisticated. From refined leather to practical silicone, there are cases to fit different lifestyles, habits, and personalities. 

How we picked the best iPhone 13 cases

Protection was the first and foremost thing on our minds as we looked at the best iPhone 13 cases. Brands that offer drop test results provide a good idea of what kind of wear and tear the case can take. We also evaluated compatibility. Wireless charging is a convenience many people don’t want to give up. The iPhone 13 also offers Apple’s MagSafe technology that the wrong case could nullify unless you take the case off. Durability, as in how long will the case last, mattered, too.

One of the last things we considered but still factored into the final decision was appearance. A bulky phone brick isn’t most people’s favorite option. At the same time, not everyone wants a clear iPhone case. We included a little something for everyone, from the minimalist to the adventurer and the innovation-seeker. Here are the best iPhone 13 cases you can find. 

The best iPhone 13 cases: Reviews and recommendations

Best iPhone 13 case overall: Casetify Custom Phone Case



Why It Made The Cut: Casetify lets you customize the drop protection level, color, and text on the case while keeping the case compatible with wireless charging and MagSafe, making it our top overall pick.  


  • Weight: Varies by protection level
  • Materials: Made of 65 percent recycled, plant-based materials
  • Compatibility: Wireless charging, MagSafe (certain options)


  • Customize protection level
  • Up to 9.8-feet drop protection (based on protection level)
  • Antimicrobial coating
  • Reinforced corners, lifted camera ring, raised bezel


  • Long shipping times

Casetify cases enjoy a strong reputation for quality, and the iPhone 13 cases live up to that reputation. The customization is what sets this case apart. You can choose from a lightweight basic design to a heavy-duty MagSafe compatible design. The price changes depending on the chosen options. But with any of them, you can also choose the color and a monogrammed message on the case. 

This custom iPhone 13 case is made of 65 percent recycled materials and has an antimicrobial coating. Depending on the options chosen, it can withstand anywhere from a 6.6 to a 9.8-foot drop. Some of the options have reinforced edges, though all have lifted camera rings to offer more protection. Some of the options are MagSafe compatible, while all of them allow wireless charging.

Best leather iPhone case: Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case

Why It Made The Cut: This leather iPhone case made the cut for the quality of the leather and the sophisticated wallet design that’s both functional and sleek. 


  • Weight: NA
  • Materials: Leather
  • Compatibility: Corded charging only


  • Full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather
  • Holds 3 cards
  • Covers buttons yet retains responsiveness
  • Raised camera edge


  • Doesn’t allow for wireless charging or MagSafe

The Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case makes a sophisticated tool look even more high class. It’s one of the best iPhone 13 Pro cases and iPhone wallet cases on the market. A full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather wraps around the phone, including the side buttons. The buttons retain responsiveness yet still get protected. While this is a wallet, it’s subtle about holding cards. There’s room for two or three. Just enough for an ID and a couple of cards for emergency use, cutting down on bulk. 

The only downside with this iPhone 13 case is that the thickness, especially if it holds cards, doesn’t allow for wireless charging. 

Best heavy-duty: Raptic iPhone 13 Case – SHIELD



Why It Made The Cut: The Raptic case gets high marks for the quality of the protective materials, lightweight, and wireless/charging compatibility. 


  • Weight: 1.5 ounces
  • Materials: TPU, anodized aluminum, polycarbonate back panel
  • Compatibility: MagSafe, wireless charging


  • 10-foot drop protection
  • Retains wireless charging and MagSafe despite protective design
  • Shock-absorbing rubber bubble pockets


  • Utilitarian appearance

The Raptic iPhone 13 Case – SHIELD takes protection to a new level. A sturdy aluminum frame lined with bubbled rubber gives the case shape and absorbs shock. The clear polycarbonate back still lets you see the phone but protects it from drops, too. A raised lip around the screen keeps it from hitting the ground when landing on a flat surface. Despite all of that protection, this model allows wireless charging and is MagSafe.

The Raptic case isn’t the sleekest design, though it’s not bulky. It does come in a few colors to glam up an otherwise utilitarian appearance. 

Best iPhone 13 case with screen protector: Caseology Stratum

Why It Made The Cut: The Stratum covers every side of the phone yet maintains the responsiveness of the screen, earning it the best iPhone 13 case with a screen protector. 


  • Weight: NA
  • Materials: Glass, TPU 
  • Compatibility: wireless charging, MagSafe


  • Glass screen protector maintains screen responsiveness
  • Shock-absorbing corner reinforcement
  • Raised camera lip


  • Lack of color options

Caseology cases are another brand that enjoys a good reputation. The Stratum fits within their line of highly-protective, low-key cases. This model could be the best iPhone 13 Pro Max case or the best for the iPhone 13 Mini. It’s made for them all and offers the same protection and features for each. 

That protection includes a built-in glass screen protector that maintains the functionality of the touchscreen. Once in place, the case protects the entire phone, including corners reinforced with AirSpace Technology. TPU grip on the sides and a sandstone texture help users keep ahold of their favorite high-tech tool. The only downside is that it’s not offered in any other colors.

Best clear iPhone case: Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear with Grips

Why It Made The Cut: The Presidio has impressive drop protection and all-around grip, making it a stand-out pick for those who have a hard time keeping hold of their phone. 


  • Weight: 2.89 ounces
  • Materials: NA
  • Compatibility: wireless charging, MagSafe


  • 13-foot drop protection
  • Extra grip on sides and back
  • Antibacterial coating
  • Slim styling


  • None

Speck iPhone cases often feature slim styling, and the Presidio Perfect-Clear with Grips fits right in with their sleek designs. This clear iPhone case features grips built directly into the edges and back of the phone to keep a secure hold. It’s reinforced at the edges and can withstand a 13-foot drop. A Microban coating resists bacteria, too. 

We’re hard-pressed to find anything wrong with this case unless you’re not really into clear cases. In which case, it comes in other colors.

Best iPhone 13 case with stand: Moft Case, Stand, & Wallet Set

Why It Made The Cut: The Moft gets high praise for the versatile design that includes floating, horizontal, and vertical stand options, which is why it gets our vote for best stand. 


  • Weight: NA
  • Materials: NA
  • Compatibility: wireless charging, MagSafe


  • Versatile magnetic stand options
  • Holds credit cards
  • Can hold the phone while it charges


  • Could potentially misplace the stand

Product Description

The Moft Case, Stand, & Wallet Set is an innovative design for those who like to keep their phone minimal. The iPhone 13 case offers shock protection and a beveled edge in front and around the camera. 

But it’s what’s going on in the back that made us take notice. It features a removable magnetic stand that also holds a few credit cards. The stand attaches using MagSafe-like technology. In fact, it’s MagSafe compatible. You can even charge the phone while it’s on the stand. 

The stand reconfigures based on how you need to use it. It can sit horizontally, vertically, or let the phone float. When it’s not in use, it folds down into a slim profile. There’s not a lot we don’t like about this case, except there’s potential to lose the stand if you misplace it.

 Best case with MagSafe: Otterbox Pro Defender Series Pro XT Case

Why It Made The Cut: The Otterbox case makes the cut because it offers incredible protection yet remains MagSafe (and wireless) compatible. 


  • Weight: NA
  • Materials: polycarbonate, rubber, 50 percent recycled plastic
  • Compatibility: MagSafe, wireless charging


  • Tough polycarbonate shell
  • Sleek design despite heavy protection
  • Includes port covers


Otterbox cases are known for their durability and rugged toughness. The Otterbox Pro Defender Series Pro XT Case fits right in but protects without adding unnecessary bulk. A tough polycarbonate shell absorbs shock, but it’s also compatible with MagSafe technology and wireless charging devices.  

Covers over the ports keep dirt and dust out but don’t limit your ability to access them. Otterbox also adds an antimicrobial layer for added germ protection. The downside is that this isn’t the best iPhone 13 Mini case because it’s only available for the iPhone 13 Pro.

Best value: Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Why It Made The Cut: The Spigen case offers a slim design with adequate drop protection that comes at an affordable price. 


  • Weight: 1.06 ounces
  • Materials: thermoplastic polyurethane
  • Compatibility: MagSafe, wireless charging


  • Slim styling
  • Beveled edges
  • Affordable price


  • Only comes in clear or clear colors

This clear iPhone 13 case should make minimalists’ hearts pitter-patter. The Spigen case keeps things basic but protective. Made of thermoplastic polyurethane, it can absorb falls but doesn’t add bulk. 

In fact, this model’s slim styling almost looks like there’s no case at all. Yet, it still has beveled edges to protect the screen and camera and comes at an affordable price. The Spigen is also compatible with wireless charging and MagSafe. There’s not a whole to not like about this case unless you don’t like clear cases.

Things to Consider Before Buying an iPhone 13 Case

Drop protection

You’ll want to look for the best iPhone 13 case that offers good drop protection, especially at the corners. Some brands display their drop test results. In which case, look for a case that offers at least five to six feet of drop protection. Drop protection typically means the case has reinforced edges with heavier-duty or thicker materials at this weak point.

The case should have a lip or beveled edge to protect the screen and camera if the phone gets dropped. We prefer a blend of drop protection without too much bulk. Always keep in mind that a case can’t possibly protect a phone from every possible scenario. 


The more of the phone the case covers, the more of the phone it protects. Of course, you need the camera to be out and available, but otherwise, there’s no need for the back of the phone to show at all. Cases with a closed bottom and top edges protect ports from dust and water, too.

Wireless or Charging Interference

Some cases can limit the phone’s ability to connect to wireless services. Most of the time, they interfere with wireless charging, MagSafe systems, and Qi. They shouldn’t 

nterfere with Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, or cellular at all. Watch out for wallet cases. 

Thick cases can be a problem because the more distance there is between the charger and the phone, the more likely there is to be interference. Finally, the case should also allow normal functioning of the phone. The case design should not limit your ability to swipe across or up and down the screen.


Apple’s MagSafe system came out with the iPhone 12, and it’s in the 13, too. This technology helps hold the phone in place and offers faster charging with Apple’s MagSafe chargers and accessories. Some of the best iPhone 13 cases have built-in MagSafe support while others don’t. Thin cases may still allow MagSafe to work even if they’re not specifically designed for use with MagSafe devices.


Q: Will an iPhone 13 case fit an iPhone12?

Unfortunately, an iPhone 13 case will not fit an iPhone 12 and vice versa. While some of the iPhone 12’s and 13’s are the same size, their button layouts are slightly different.

Q: Are the Apple cases protective?

Apple cases are protective, and they have MagSafe. However, are they the most protective or functional option out there—no. Many brands offer cases with more impact protection and feature things like camera covers, stands, and wallets that add functionality to everyday use.

Q: Are iPhone 12 and 13 the same size?

The iPhone 12 and 13 are the same size. However, their button layout is a little different. If you try to use an iPhone 12 case on an iPhone 13, the button covers won’t line up, and the case won’t fit. 

Final thoughts on the best iPhone 13 cases

The Casetify Custom Phone Case gets the top spot because of the customizable options, including different protection levels. You can choose extra protection and get a little more bulk or take a little less protection, so it’s easier to fit in a pocket. You also get color and monogramming options that don’t come with many other cases. Dollar for dollar, you get the protection you want in a look that’s unique to your case. Get only the best iPhone 13 cases, here!