Phone cases to turn your iPhone 11 into your wallet

Carry only the essentials.

iPhone 11 under blue light
Get rid of your wallet.Jørgen Asmundvaag via Unsplash

If your phone has become like an extension of your hand, you’re unlikely to forget to bring it with you. It can be a lot easier to carry the essential cards you need in an iPhone wallet case, as opposed to, say, digging through the bottom of your backpack to find the metro card as the bus is pulling in. Here are some cases we recommend to help keep all your essentials in one place.

Nomad Rugged Folio for iPhone 11
It’s made durable rubber.Amazon

The case from Speck is a slim option with a protective folio. There are three slots that can fit a total of six essential cards, and another pocket for cash.

Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case for Apple iPhone 11
For design-minded users.Amazon

Mujjo’s full-grain leather case is one of the more fashionable options for wallet cases. The cardholder is attached to the back of the case. If you only plan on carrying around two or three cards, this is the best choice. It isn’t bulky, is super-smooth, and gives you easy access to your cards. This case comes in a selection of bright colors, including blue, tan, and alpine green.

OtterBox STRADA SERIES Case for iPhone 11
The polycarbonate shell makes this case extra durable.Amazon

OtterBox is known for making protective and durable cases. This one comes with a folio cover that will protect your screen and has slots for credit cards on the inside. It’s made with a polycarbonate shell to protect your phone fully.

Urban Armor Gear UAG Designed for iPhone 11
A compact option with a protective cover.Amazon

If you’re concerned about your new iPhone getting too bulky once you add a case, this one from Urban Armor Gear is a solid choice. It’s durable and has a thin profile and a folio cover that snaps shut with a click. It’s compatible with wireless charging and comes with slots to fit a couple of credit cards on the inside.