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Published Jun. 25, 2021

While the cats are away, the mice…or dogs…will play. The best dog camera lets you keep an eye on Rover when you’re at work or out shopping. Pet cams come with a wide range of features. Some can also be used as a baby monitor, while others have distinct features, like a treat dispenser, that make them a pet-only monitor. These cameras can shed light on unsolved mysteries, such as who tipped over the trash can, while also providing assurance that your pet and home are safe. We’ve rounded up a list of the best pet monitors, from the budget-friendly puppy cam to the feature-heavy pet monitor. 

What to consider when shopping for the best dog camera

The focus when picking the best dog camera for you is purpose, position, and accessibility. These can help you decide on a model that will fit your goals, home, and lifestyle. Dog cameras come with a wide range of features. Some models include an app, while others require you to log in to a website to check the camera’s feed. The amount of control you want, along with what kind of activity you want to monitor, should all factor into your decision. 

How many rooms do you need to monitor?

You’ll need to decide what and how much of your home you want to monitor. Dog monitoring systems typically have one camera. However, some advanced models come with two, with the option of adding more. If the goal of the pet camera is to only monitor your pet’s activities, you only need a camera in areas to which he has access. One camera will do if he’s limited to a single room. However, if he has the freedom to roam, a multi-camera system will let you keep a closer eye on activity. 

You may also only need a camera in problem areas. Dogs who get separation anxiety may take out their anxiety behaviors near the front door. A single-camera located there lets you know when he’s having a hard time. 

Do you need advanced features?

Consider what features you really need and make sure you’re not paying for extras that you don’t. There’s a long list of potential advanced features. The most common include: two-way audio, tilt control, rotational control, remote app access, sound detection, motion activation and detection, vet notification, and night vision.

Advanced features add to the price of the camera but may add functionality that makes it more valuable to you. Features like camera position control are more common and don’t significantly add to the price, while less common features, such as vet notification, are more expensive. This feature provides 24/7 access to a veterinarian if you notice any problem behavior related to the dog’s health. 

Dogs with separation anxiety or barking habits that disturb neighbors may require a sound-detection feature. This feature alerts you to noises above certain levels, letting you take action before there’s a problem.  

What kind of remote control do you need?

Dog cameras either include an app that provides remote control or requires you to create an account and log into the company’s website to control the camera. Either option can work well, but personal preference can determine which is easier for you. People who use their mobile devices for everything will probably find an app easier to interact with. However, make sure the app works with your device’s operating system—iOS or Android. Those who use a work PC or laptop may find a website easier to monitor throughout the day. 

Do you need a treat dispenser?

This unique feature of some dog cameras adds another dimension to the camera’s functionality. It becomes a rewards center for your dog. This feature can help distract your dog when he’s misbehaving or showing the initial signs of separation anxiety. It’s not an absolute necessity, but it is a feature only found on cameras specifically designed for dogs versus those designed as a baby monitor. 

Do you use a virtual assistant? 

Some cameras are compatible with popular virtual assistants like Alexa. Virtual assistant-savvy owners can easily integrate camera control into the assistant’s list of commands. You can then use voice control and add the camera to the list of devices controlled through a single access point for easier digital monitoring.  

What kind of video storage options do you want?

Some camera companies offer video cloud storage for a monthly subscription fee. These subscriptions also give you access to advanced video options, including the ability to fast-forward, rewind, and take snapshots. Others also include the option to use an SD card or similar device to record and review videos. Other companies may let you view video for a limited time before it’s no longer available. Without some kind of recording option, you’ll only be able to view a live stream. That’s helpful but may not provide as much monitoring ability as you need. 

Will you use the camera for something other than monitoring the dog?

Do you plan to use the camera for security monitoring or monitoring children in addition to the dog? If so, video recording and monthly subscriptions might be more worth it. Features like two-way communication are also more important if you’re using the camera to alert you when kids get home from school. 

The Best Dog Cameras

The best dog cameras offer extra peace of mind when you’re away from home. Determine the most important features, whether that’s two-way audio, sound detection, or night vision, and narrow down the options to those that best fit your home and lifestyle.  

Best treat-tossing camera: Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo lets you keep an eye on and treat your dog while you’re in another room or away from home. Furbo

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The Furbo Dog Camera looks good and provides a clear picture of what’s happening in your home. A 1080p HD camera with night vision livestreams a 160-degree wide-angle view. Furbo also includes different types of alerts. First, an adjustable bark sensor sends push notifications if your dog starts barking. Second, a dog activity alert lets you know if your dog is getting a little carried away by jumping on furniture. Third, a dog selfie alert, which just sends you cute selfies when your dog faces the camera. Finally, the camera can send a person alert when someone comes into view. That lets you know the dog walker arrived or that kids are home from school. Two-way audio gives you the option of talking to your dog or whoever is home. Last but not least with this camera, there’s an accompanying free iOS/Android app that lets you toss or schedule the toss of a treat. This camera also has the benefit of easy, three-step setup. However, you need a stable internet connection and WiFi signal for the Furbo to work at peak efficiency. 

Best upgrade: Petcube Cam Pet Monitoring Camera

Petcube Cam Pet Monitoring Camera

A wide range of premium features comes together in a camera that also mounts almost anywhere. Petcube

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The Petcube Cam Pet Monitoring Camera uses WiFi to offer a wide range of angles, alerts, and extra services. Its magnetic-mounting system can attach to metal objects, but it includes adhesives to attach underneath shelves and other unusual places to get the right angle. The pet cam offers 1080p HD livestreaming video with a 110-degree wide-angle view. You can also zoom in up to 8x. Two-way audio lets you give your dog commands when you’re away from home. This is also one of the very few cameras with built-in vet chat. You ask questions through the app about the behavior you’ve seen through the camera or that you’ve observed. You can also add cameras to your Petcube account, getting a full view of several rooms in your home. The downside with this camera—for full features, including fast forward and rewind of recordings, you have to have a subscription. 

Best microphone: Conico Security Camera

Conico Security Camera

The Conico offers high-end features, including a crystal-clear microphone for two-way communication with your pet or family.

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The Conico Security Camera provides pan (350 degrees), tilt, and zoom control from the accompanying (free) app. The app, which includes iOS and Android compatibility, livestreams video. It offers sound- or motion-detection alerts that you can turn on or off through the app. However, where this camera stands out is the audio quality. If you want to talk to your pet or family when you’re not home, this camera brings clear two-way communication to life. With that clarity comes 1080p images with night vision to keep an eye on things night or day. 

Best multi-camera system: Victure Video Baby Monitor

Victure Video Baby Monitor

This dual-camera system provides excellent video quality and includes a quick, easy setup.

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The Victure Video Baby Monitor is controlled entirely through an app and includes quick setup using a QR code. The camera provides 1080p with enhanced night vision and a 120-degree angle view. With two cameras, you can get multiple angles in the same room or put them in separate rooms for a fuller view of what’s happening in the home. Victure includes a one-month free trial of their cloud service, or you can use a 64GB microSD card to record and review videos on another device. That app also lets you set up and control sound and motion detection and alerts. You can also invite others to share videos. 

Best budget: Wansview Baby Monitor Camera

Wansview Baby Monitor Camera

The Wansview offers an affordable way to keep tabs on your dog.

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The Wansview Baby Monitor Camera includes some of the features of higher-end cameras, but they’re a bit more difficult to access and use than more expensive models. Through the app, you can set up motion detection alerts. The camera records a 10-second clip to send with the motion alert, so you can determine if you need to take action. However, you still get access to a 1080p HD camera that pans, tilts, and zooms. It’s Alexa-compatible and provides two-way audio to calm your pet or check on kids when they get home from school. Finally, there’s also night vision to keep track of any pet wanderings. 


Q: Do dog cameras have sound?

Most dog cams have sound. Many include sound notifications to let you know when your dog starts barking. That can alert you to an intruder, pet separation anxiety, or anything else out of the ordinary. Some models also include two-way audio, so you can talk to your dog as well as monitor what’s going on at home with your dog cam. 

Q: Should I talk to my dog through the camera?

It might take some trial and error to discover if talking through the pet camera works for your dog or not. Some dogs will find your voice soothing. Others may find it confusing and anxiety-inducing. Do a trial run before you rely on the camera as a soothing method. Go into another room and talk to your dog through the camera. His response will give you a good idea if talking to him is a help or hindrance. 

Q: Can clever dog cameras be used outside?

The majority of dog cameras are for indoor use only. Only those designated as outdoor cameras are safe for outside use. If you want to keep track of your dog while he’s outside, an outdoor security camera will do the trick. 

The final word on shopping for the best dog camera

The best dog cameras offer the features you need to monitor and calm your pet when you’re not home. A puppy cam with two-way communication and a treat dispenser might be right for some homes. Other pet owners may only need to get to the bottom of the shenanigans of a mischievous pet. Even budget-friendly pet cameras offer a glimpse into the life of your dog that can help you relax (and help keep your home in one piece) when you’re away.