Cats photo
Geoff Sloan/Flickr CC By 2.0

Your music taste is terrible. Or at least that’s probably what your cat would say, if she could. Not just because your cat is a curmudgeon, but also because your cat probably has a different sense of what sounds good.

We humans like to hear sounds in the range of human voices and tempos similar to the human heartbeat, whereas cats probably prefer something a bit shriller, and perhaps closer to the tempo of a purr.

In March, Popular Science reported on a group of researchers who were making music specially for cats–including caterwauling notes, mewing, and the sounds of suckling. Now you can help Kickstart an entire album of these unsettling songs. The project had set a goal of reaching $20,000 and has already raised more than $100,000 in funding … and it still has 21 days to go.

The music is composed by cellist David Teie, who calls himself the inventor of species-specific music. You can listen to a sample song on his website.

The songs are kind of off-putting to human ears, but apparently cats love them. In a study published in February’s Applied Animal Behavior, Teie and two psychologists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison showed a preference for cat-tailored music over the human kind. A video on the Kickstarter page shows cats walking up to and cuddling speakers that are playing the music, though I am sorry to say the songs had no such effect on my own cat.

People who pledge $15 or more will get to download the entire album. Higher contributions include CDs, signed sheet music, and a chance to Skype with Teie. BUT WAIT! If you pledge $1,000 you can have a song named after your cat (5 people have purchased this option so far), and $2,000 will get you a song that’s tailor-made for your cat. So far there are no takers for the latter, but you know, Christmas is right around the corner…