Shop pet DNA kits at Amazon for Black Friday and find your dog or cat’s origin story

Your pet is 100% perfect. Dig in to where they came from with these pet DNA kit deals at Amazon for Black Friday.
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According to the ASPCA, 6.3 million pets are adopted each year. Chances are that your dog or cat could be a strange amalgamation of different breeds. Find out your pet’s ancestry with these pet DNA tests, on sale at Amazon for Black Friday.

Wisdom Panel Complete: Comprehensive Cat DNA Test Kit $90.99 (Was $129.99)

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This test identifies more than 70 breeds and populations. For your cat’s health, the company runs 45 genetic health tests to see if they are at risk for any genetic conditions. If you’re curious about why your cat looks the way they look, Wisdom Panel also runs more than 25 trait tests to track down where they got their physical features. There’s also a version for dogs if you want to test your pooch.

In case you’re curious about your own DNA, here are some test kits for humans:

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