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Ride-sharing app Lyft continues to keep quiet about its driverless car initiative with GM. Few have learned much more than the company’s plans to test autonomous Chevrolet Bolt cars in 2017. We couldn’t even get it out of one of the Lyft founders when we spoke with him. The company has much more to say about its upcoming partnership with the new Ghostbusters movie. Thanks to today’s announcement of Lyft Ghost Mode, commuters will be able to hitch a ride in the Ecto-1 for the low, low price of free.

Lyft Ghostbusters car


The Ecto-1 replica
Rear of the Ecto-1 Xavier Harding


Surprise. Ghost attack.

On July 1 and July 2, Lyft riders that reside in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, and Washington D.C. can snag a ride in the Ghostbusters car. Those able to summon one will gain access to movie-themed swag by Hi-C and Hostess and, more importantly, gain a chance to win tickets to the Ghostbusters movie premiere in LA. For those wondering, the Ecto-1’s Lyft will send around include replicas as well as the original car from the new movie.

Ghost Mode continues Lyft’s dedication to keeping its ride-sharing options fun. Other recent versions of Lyft’s cars previously included Back to the Future Mode, Zombie Mode, and Prank Mode. The partnership should build plenty hype for both the Ghostbusters movie and Lyft. And make doubly sure that when it’s time to hail a ride, “Who you gon’ call?” is not Uber.

Update: Check out our test ride inside Lyft’s Ecto-1 Ghostbuster car!