Check Out DARPA’s Newly Completed Robot Ship

Actively awaiting ACTUV

Naval battles of the future will be gray, wet, and lacking in humans. DARPA, the Pentagon’s far-future projects wing, mentioned last week that it plans to test its completely unmanned, 132-foot-long submarine tracker ACTUV in the waters off Portland, Oregon later this spring. Today, we got a first glimpse over the vessel itself, from DARPA’s Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Let’s take a look at ACTUV, short for “ASW Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel,” throughout its development from concept to reality.

Rough ACTUV submarine tracker Concept Art
Video Still, ACTUV at a dock Concept Art
ACTUV at sea High Quality Concept Art
ACTUV On Wheels at a parking lot on a rainy day
Backside view of the ACTUV Sea Hunter in a hangar with a technician
Prototype of the ACTUV In The Water
Frontside view of the ACTUV's Pointy Wet Nose in the water