13 Valentine’s Day gifts that are actually interesting

From space-scented candles to huggable bouquets, these aren’t your ordinary Valentine’s Day gifts.

Please do yourself a favor this February and prepare in advance for Valentine’s Day. You want a gift that’s as interesting and cool as your partner is, so don’t wait until February 12 to frantically buy something on Amazon Prime. Below, our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts for your romantic pal.

Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts: Sanrio Bouquet

Creative Bouquet

Roses are red, violets are blue, these plushies are way too cute. Etsy

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A bouquet of roses is great and all, but it’s not the most original Valentine’s Day gift idea. A plushy bouquet stuffed with your S.O.’s favorite Sanrio characters will blow blooms out of the water. Get ‘em fast—we found two brands that make marvelous bouquets with Gudetama, Rilakkuma, and more, but there’s only one of each bouquet.

If you’d prefer just a standard cuddle buddy by itself, check out this cute Kuromi plush.

Valentine’s Gifts for Her: K-Beauty Subscription Box

Innovative Beauty Products

Skincare products that change each season. Amazon

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This K-beauty-filled subscription box is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the partner who’s constantly fine-tuning their skincare regime. Each box includes five to six full-size products, plus five to six sheet masks that you and your loved one can share. If you’re worried about clutter, rest assured that this box only comes once every three months—and changes based on your skin’s needs in each season.

Creative Valentine’s Gifts: PopSci Merch

PopSci T-Shirts

There’s nothing hotter, really. Popular Science

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Unambiguous fact: There’s nothing sexier than a human person with a vintage PopSci cover on their torso. Over on Threadless there are seven design options—available in sizes for men, women, and children—and multiple fits and colors for a creative gift.

Unique Gifts for Valentine’s Day: Playing Cards

Minimal Playing Cards

Love is a game and you’re playing to WIN. Cool Material

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If games are your thing, consider these classy-as-heck playing cards, which are totally stripped down to their essential parts. Nothing like a romantic night in of strip poker or—the steamiest of all games—cribbage. Place your bets and make sure they get all the hearts ;).

DIY Kits: Kombucha Starter Kit

Booch Kit

Just add water for great homemade kombucha. Etsy

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If acts of service are your partner’s love language, what better way to show you care than getting them something that promotes their gut health? Okay, so it’s not the most traditionally romantic sentiment, but a kombucha starter kit gives you both a fun project to take on together. This kit includes organic tea, SCOBY, sugar, another type of starter tea, a one-gallon glass jar, a stick-on temperature gauge, coffee filter, elastic band, and a 35-page brewing guide to help you get started.

Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts: Naughty Cookie Book

Silly and Sexy

Not for the stale hearted. Amazon

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Why say “I love you” when you can instead present this NSFW book about gingerbread cookies?

Quiet Valentine’s Day Gifts: Noise Cancelling Headphones

Techy Gift

Sometimes you just need a break. Amazon

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These Sony quick-charge headphones have a 30-hour battery life, touch sensor controls to change the volume and skip songs, and have a Quick Attention feature lets you temporarily lower the volume of your music by placing your hand on the right earphone. The digital noise cancellation has Smart Listening that detects your environment adjusting how much ambient noise you hear and even self-adjusts the sound levels depending on changes in atmospheric pressure.

Noise-canceling headphones are great gifts for two reasons: (1) You can be super sweet and create a playlist of romantic songs to go with it and (2) sometimes your partner doesn’t want to hear you yell at your friends while you play video games on Steam. Noise-canceling headphones have sustained many a relationship.

DIY Kits: Indoor Herb Garden

Green Thumb

Comes with four burlap grow bags and bamboo plant markers. Amazon

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This indoor herb garden kit comes with four different seeds: cilantro, thyme, parsley, and basil. This is another one of those unique Valentine’s Day gifts that can become a project for both of you to dote on (and it’ll step up your dinners).

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Box: Hot Cocoa Pops

Hot Chocolate Pops

Totally worth the chocolate mouth. Mouth

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Snuggle up on the couch with two glasses of steamed milk—almond and other dairy alternatives work—and stir in one of these hot chocolates on a stick. The set comes with three flavors: peppermint, peanut butter, and salted caramel.

Space-Inspired Valentine’s Day Gifts: Intergalactic Candle

Space Candle

Probably the only chance you’ll get to smell space. Cool Material

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Candles are a Valentine’s Day gift stand-by, but these ostensibly space-scented soy wax candles are the only ones that make for a genuinely interesting gift. With one candle, you get 80 hours of space smell—a scent determined by interviews with astronauts.

Personalized Gifts for Valentine’s: Sweet Patch

Heart on Your Sleeve

There’s no way they’ll lose this sweet iron-on sentiment. Etsy

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According to the Etsy seller, this iron-on love note patch is made from love, thread, and cotton—how sweet. The seller also takes custom text requests, if personalized Valentine’s Day gifts are more your person’s thing. We can’t help but include this customizable heart patch too.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Chef: Scientific Cookbook

For Food Nerds

Cook the best romantic meal. Amazon

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There might not be a recipe for a successful Valentine’s Day, but there are science-backed ways to make a romantic dinner or breakfast in bed. Included in the more than 900 pages of J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science: a deep dive into scrambled eggs and a 21-page spread on Thanksgiving foods.

Retro Valentine’s Day Gifts: Video Game Puzzle

Retro Video Game Puzzle

Has a linen finish to reduce glare. Cool Material

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If you’ve got a soft spot for puzzles or retro video games, this 26″ x 19″, 1,000-piece puzzle will provide hours of quality time together. After dinner, pop open a bottle of wine, put on your matching thinking caps (you guys are so cute), and start puzzling.

If you’re looking for more unique gifts, we’re pretty sweet on these Valentine’s Day gift ideas too.

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Billy Cadden
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