Iced coffee is super easy to make, and yet it’s twice as expensive at your local deli. With a bit of gear and a bit of prep, you could be sitting back with a glass of cold brew that’s way more sophisticated and satisfying than your grab-n-go variety.

The best: Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

The First Step

Achieving the right size to make the filtration process is more efficient and your drink is less bitter. Amazon

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The first step: grind your beans. For cold brew, you want a coarse grind. The grind should be no finer than the texture of coarse sea salt. It will make the filtration process easier and your coffee taste less bitter. Sure, you could go to a store and have beans ground, but it seriously does taste fresher if you do it immediately prior to brewing. Plus, it’s great for experimenting with your own blends of multiple roasts. A burr grinder uses two revolving surfaces to crush your beans into equal size grinds and it will let you grind for any kind of brewing. The Baratza Encore has 40mm burrs, 40 different coarseness settings, and a form that contains the grinds so there’s very little mess.

Set and forget: Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Reliable Results

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After you grind your beans, you need a place to let the coffee brew. You can use a pitcher and a cheesecloth, but if you want to really optimize, you can spring for a Toddy cold brew maker. The Toddy requires 12 ounces of grinds and seven cups of water. Coarse-grind your beans and let them sit in the toddy overnight. That’s it. On the bottom of the Toddy there is a filter and a stopper that keeps the coffee in the container. After you leave the pitcher sitting on the counter for 12-24 hours, pull the plug and let the coffee concentrate flow into the glass decanter. Since this is a coffee concentrate, mix in a ratio of one parts coffee and two or three parts water or milk—I prefer water.

Know your ratios: Hario Scale

Pay Close Attention

An accurate option can make all the difference between a smooth beverage and a bitter, undrinkable cup. Amazon

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Brewing coffee is brewing coffee. Doesn’t matter if it’s a piping hot cup or a batch of cold brew. Precise ratios can be the difference between a smooth beverage and a bitter, undrinkable cup. The Hario scale is my go to ever since working in a coffee shop during college. It is a no-frills, seamless way to track the weight of your coffee and water.

Cool it down: Ozera Silicone Ice Cube Tray

Be Extra

Large pieces won’t melt and dilute your brew. An even better move: freeze coffee instead of water. Amazon

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Jangling ice cubes in a cold coffee is a gift sent straight from the caffeine heavens. Yes, you can use regular old H2O, but have you considered using frozen coffee for your iced coffee?

On theme: Fred Cool Beans Coffee Ice Tray

Novelty Choice

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If you think your cold coffee gets too watery with regular ice cubes, try freezing some coffee concentrate to add an extra punch of caffeine. While you’re at it, why not freeze them in the shape of giant coffee beans?

For large batches: Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Java For The World

A great accessory for bigger parties or office spaces. Amazon

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Spiked iced coffee is a great party cocktail. It keeps you energized, masks the taste of cheap whiskey, and is easy to make in large batches. If that’s something you and your friends would be into, grab a glass one-gallon cold brewing system, grind your beans, and get brewing. This one comes with a stainless steel tap to dispense the liquid. It holds about 16 cups of coffee, and comes with a mesh filter to brew inside the container.

Heat retention: Bodum Pavina Double-Wall Glasses

Sweet Containers

Keep your drink cooler for longer. Amazon

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Bodum 15-ounce, double-walled glasses are awesome for iced coffee. The double wall prevents condensation and holds cold longer. These are dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

Eco-friendly: SipWell Stainless Steel Drinking Straws

About Eight Inches Long

Stop using plastic ones. Amazon

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Grab a reusable straw and be less wasteful. These stainless steel straws are between seven and eight inches long.

Nifty tool: Zoku Iced Coffee Maker

Four Color Options

Perfect if you’ve got a freezer handy. Amazon

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The Zoku iced coffee maker chills your coffee within minutes of pouring it into the travel mug. Leave the stainless steel mug in the freezer overnight, brew your coffee like you normally would, and then pour the hot coffee into the pre-chilled container. It holds 11 ounces, comes with a protective sleeve, and has a spill-resistant lid.

Bring it with you: Reduce COLD-1 Thermal Tumbler

Reusable Perfection

Take your drink on the go. Amazon

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Prefer your iced coffee on the go? This 24-ounce tumbler is 10.5 inches tall and will keep your iced coffee—or hot coffee, honestly—at the desired temperature for longer. It comes with a lid and straw.