Popular foods that grow in somewhat startling ways

You think you know, but you have no idea.
pineapple in a field

Cherries grow on trees, strawberries on vines, but how do cashews grow? Thanks to our current food system, we can get crops from almost anywhere in the world—vanilla from Madagascar, bananas from Ecuador. Of course, the downside of receiving produce from far-off lands is that we can’t exactly run into the fields to see how they’re grown. For many, the manner in which fruits and veggies emerge from the earth can be something of a mystery. Here are some of the more unexpected ways plants propagate before they make their way into our meals:

pineapple plants growing from the ground in Hawaii
ripe cocoa plant pods
growing vanilla plant & green pods
asparagus growing from the ground
growing cashew apple & cashew nut
growing peanut plants on a farm
coffee plant & coffee berries
artichoke plant & flower while growing
growing chickpea plant
growing caper plant flowers
growing Brussels sprout plant