Amazon’s largest Kindle is at its lowest price since Black Friday

Amazon's Kindle Scribe is $100 for a limited time.
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Attention note-takers, book annotators, students, and fans of big screen gadgets: The Kindle Scribe is cheaper than it’s been all year thanks to a $100 discount. This large-screen e-reader comes with a stylus, allowing you to make notations, highlight passages, scroll through text, and navigate the Scribe’s interface. All of your existing Amazon Kindle books will automatically sync to the device the first time you turn it on. Notes you make will be available on any other Kindle (or device running the Kindle app) associated with your account.

Kindle Scribe $319.99 (Was $419.99)

Kindle Scribe

The Scribe’s standout feature is its 10.2-inch screen, which is significantly larger than the display you’ll find on any other Kindle. However, it has the same pixel density as Amazon’s other eReaders, so text will look just as sharp. Like all Kindles, the Scribe’s battery will last weeks per charge depending on how often you use it, the screen brightness level you choose, and how often you use its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas. Using the Scribe’s pen was easy in our tests, and we could mark up books as we read them for future reference. The Scribe’s large size makes it a commitment to take with you, but those who prefer larger text sizes, or are used to hardcover books won’t notice the difference when carrying it in a bag.

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