Breville makes our favorite smart ovens and they’re all 20% off at Amazon right now

Get our top-rated smart oven that does way more than air fryer for 20 percent off right now at Amazon.
The Breville Pizza Oven next to the Breville Smart Oven on a plain background.
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Going out to eat has gotten ridiculously expensive. Have you seen the price of a fast food hash brown lately? Jump scare. That’s why it makes so much sense to invest in a good air fryer. Live out your chicken finger fantasies on a chicken nugget budget. The Breville Smart Ovens are our favorite air fryers and right now Amazon has a variety of them for 20 percent off. The sale also includes an indoor pizza oven if you want to kick that late-night delivery app habit.

Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer $279 (was $349)

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Sure, you can slap a basket full of curly fries into this sucker and air fry them to perfection, but Breville’s Smart Oven can do a lot more. You can broil, bake, toast, slow cook, or warm. It even has a dedicated cookies mode if you’re craving a snickerdoodle. It’s a large countertop oven, so you could cook an entire chicken inside if you wanted. Or, just buy a rotisserie chicken from Costco and then invite some people over for a dinner party. When you take the chicken out, everyone will totally believe that you made it.

Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo $799 (was $999)

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Yes, it’s still an up-front cost, but this dedicated pizza oven is a truly unique addition to your kitchen. It can quickly reach up to 750 degrees, meaning you can cook a typical pizza in less than two minutes. Plus, the oven allows you to tweak your cooking settings, so you can make thin crust, Detroit-style, Sicilian, or even Cincinnati-style (which is regular pizza, but it has a bunch of spaghetti and chili on top of it).

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