Blink’s Smart Doorbell is just $35 on Amazon right now

Improve your home's smart home security system for an incredibly low price.
Blink Video Doorbell Deal

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Starting a smart home security system can seem daunting—and expensive—but that’s not true right now thanks to an unexpected sale on video doorbells and camera from Blink. The company has always focused on budget-priced gear that punches above its weight, but getting an HD security camera for well under $50. This deal isn’t tied to a larger sale, and could end at any time.

Blink Video Doorbell

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Blink’s battery-powered, Amazon Alexa-enabled HD camera is a no-brainer for anyone who want’s to start a smart security system without breaking the bank. It has all the key features found in more expensive options: motion detection, cloud storage (for $3 per month or $30 per year), a two-way audio system, and the option to run it on batteries or existing doorbell wiring. You can avoid paying for cloud storage by using Blink’s Sync Module 2, an accessory that will let you save its video clips locally. The Sync Module isn’t on sale, but Blink is offering a bundle with its Video Doorbell for $26 off.

A big part of the Blink Video Doorbell’s appeal is its integration with Amazon’s hardware ecosystem. If you have an Echo Show, for instance, video from the Video Doorbell will pop up on its screen when someone approaches your home. You’ll immediately be able to tell if someone you know has arrived, a package has been delivered, or a solicitor has come knocking. If you’re not home, a notification on your phone will alert you that someone has arrived, and you can communicate with them using the Blink Video Doorbell’s microphone and speaker system.

It may not be able to record video in 4K, but Blink’s Video Doorbell will keep an eye on the most vulnerable part of your house for a bargain price.

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