Take 57% off the 23andMe DNA kit and discover your roots this Amazon Prime Day

Learn about your (or your pet's) health risk factors with these tests.
Find out about your genetic predisposition to disease with one of these DNA kits, which are on sale for Amazon Prime Day.

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Whether you want to learn more about your family history or find out your genetic predisposition to disease, a DNA test kit is a valuable tool. And many of the best kits are on sale for Amazon’s October Big Deal Days. They’re available for humans and pets, so you can also discover more about your predisposition to disease and your pet’s breed. But don’t wait because today’s the last day to take advantage of these deals.

Note: You’ll have to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of most of these deals, so be sure you’re signed up before making a purchase.

23andMe+ Premium Membership Bundle $129 (was $299)

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23andMe has long been a leading brand for DNA testing. This membership kit provides personalized information in more than 180 reports about your health after you submit a saliva test. You can find out about your cardiovascular health and how your body would handle certain medications. The kit also helps you learn where you are originally from and helps you connect with relatives around the world through the opt-in DNA Relative Finder. And it’s 57% off this Prime Day.

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