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If you’ve ever stayed up at night wondering, “Who am I?” … you can quell that existential dread with this Prime Day deal on 23andMe’s DNA kit. The at-home kit requires you to spit into a test tube and send it to a lab. Within weeks, 23andMe will e-mail you your results, showing which region of the world your descendants came from. And you can get that glimpse into your heritage, and health, for less if you act now.

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23andMe Health + Ancestry Service: Personal Genetic DNA Test $98.99 (Was $199)



As its name suggests, the 23andMe Health + Ancestry Service: Personal Genetic DNA Test can reveal more than your cultural heritage. By scanning your DNA, 23AndMe can offer insight into diseases you’re more likely to be susceptible to. The company—and us here at PopSci—recommend you take these insights with a grain of sale. While 23andMe’s process is solid, it’s not a replacement for regular visits to the doctor or intended to address immediate causes for concern.

That said, even a small heads-up to issues you may encounter down the road may be helpful. One of the most interesting things about 23andMe’s DNA kits is the company’s updated findings. As more people submit their DNA, the company can trace its samples more accurately. Your first results may show the historical region your family hails from, while an updated report a year later could offer the specific country they’re from. Heck, you may even be fortunate enough to learn you’re partially Croatian. If you’ve been considering finally getting your DNA tested, 23andMe’s Prime Day deal is the perfect time. With all this in mind, only one question remains: What about your dog?

Embark Breed & Health Kit $126.99 (Was $199)



If you’re just as curious about your four-legged friend’s background, you can save $72 on a Dog DNA test from Embark. The company’s process is like 23andMe: Send in a test tube of your pup’s adorable drool, and wait for an e-mail with their results. You’ll not only know the breakdown of your dog’s breed but also its susceptibility to different illnesses. Again, you should still consult your veterinarian with any health concerns regarding your dog, but it doesn’t hurt to know a bit more about potential risks. Embark says it can test for 350 breeds, so you’ll get a surprising amount of specificity regarding its genealogical makeup. Dogs might be unable to talk to you about family folklore and whether glaucoma is prevalent on their dad’s side, but Embark’s Breed & Health Kit is the next best thing.