Concept Shredder Turns Discarded Office Memos into Fresh New Pencils

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At least for the immediate future, paper is here to stay — but what to do with all those unwanted printouts? With the P&P Office Paper Waste Processor, you can quickly reuse your paper while restoring honor to the term “pencil-pusher.”

All you need is some waste paper, pencil lead and a little glue, and your discarded documents are reborn as brand-new writing utensils. Sure, they’re utensils hardly anyone ever uses anymore, but until paper completely disappears, why not wax nostalgic?

Insert your new pencil into the hole from whence it came, and the device will sharpen it for you. A see-through window lets you see how much lead remains to make new pencils, and an indicator will tell you when you need to add more glue. There’s no explanation of how many pieces of paper you’ll need to make one pencil, however.

Still, this thing is a pretty cool addition to the list of gadgets that turn leftover paper into something more useful.

Yanko Design