Japanese Shredder Turns Old TPS Reports Into Fresh Rolls of Toilet Paper

There’s an early 2010 contender for an office innovation award, or at least the best name for an office innovation. DigInfo News brings us a very special report on “White Goat,” a miracle-working machine by Oriental Co., Ltd that directly recycles office paper into toilet paper. Users need only add water along with any embarrassing e-mail printouts or unwanted TPS reports they need shredded, and out comes TP of dubious softness.

A built-in shredder starts off the action in a right satisfying way. The shredded paper then moves on to a pulper where it gets dissolved in water. The pulp becomes wet paper and is eventually dried and rolled up into ready-to-use toilet paper. We imagine that this mysterious process may resemble a high-tech Japanese version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

“White Goat” reportedly will go on sale this summer. The machine takes half an hour to produce one neatly wrapped toilet roll and uses the equivalent of 40 sheets of standard office paper per roll. That supposedly saves 60 cedar trees each year, but there’s no word on just how often you’d have to use the White Goat. Our suggestion: use it as much as possible.